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iPhone 5 – a dull piece of news?

There can be no doubt that Apple knows all about marketing. The presentation video for iPhone 5 on Apple’s Start page gives me an intimate family feeling, as if it were my own dad telling me that the only thing one needs is an iPhone 5. The very well reasoned and pedagogical monologues, backed up by some kind of fabulous music, makes me – in a slightly absurd kind of way – want to be part of Apple’s attractive family.

See the presentation video

On the other hand, when I looked more closely at what is actually new on the iPhone 5, I started to feel disappointment. The handset has become slightly thinner as well as longer; this means that it has been given a larger display which I see as one of the few, but rather lacklustre, new features. iPhone 5 is equipped with a better processor and 1 gb RAM memory and is said to be twice as fast as its predecessor.

The new camera has a lens cover made of sapphire glass; Apple, however, has decided to retain the quality of the image resolution at 8 megapixels. The fact that the charger has also been changed gives the impression of it being sneaked in glibly as ‘something revolutionary’. However, I see this, as do others I have discussed this with, as a slightly dishonest move with which it can make more money e.g. through sales of car adapters etc.

To me, the iPhone 5 does not seem to be charismatic at all. In fact, I grew almost as disappointed with this handset as when I discovered that it was the iPhone 4s which was to be released when I was looking forward to the iPhone 5. It appears to me as if the iPhone 5 were some kind of iPhone 4s Mark 2! Moreover, Apple has not...

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