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Global 3D TV market led by Samsung with a 25% share

The global 3D TV market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.9% through to 2015, with the industry projected to exceed 200 million units by 2018.

The growing demand for high-quality audio and video content among viewers, keen desire among television broadcasters to allow more channels in same spectrum and that too at lower costs, and stringent government mandates ordering termination of all analog TV broadcasts, have been driving increased adoption of digital television, thereby driving market for 3D TVs.

Currently, one of the main drivers for this market is the increase in broadcasting of 3D content by service providers. Since the commercialisation of 3D flat panel TVs, service providers and broadcasters have been focusing on broadcasting 3D content to the viewers.

Though a niche segment of the broad digital media platforms, 3D TVs have evolved into one of the fastest growing television formats. Similar to smartphones, 3D TV technology is increasingly generating consumer interest.

Major TV manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic entered the 3D format in 2010 and launched several 3D TV models. The transition to 3D technology in the television sector is fast gaining popularity as compared to previous transitions from LCD to LED.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics held a combined 41% share of the global 3D TV market. Samsung accounted for 25%, down 9 percentage points from last year, while LG had a 16% market share, up 8 percentage points.

In addition to varying the sizes of 3D TVs, manufacturers are focusing on providing consumers with more features, which in turn is creating more value for the customers. In 3D technology, some of the enhancements that have been integrated include direct-lit light emitting diode (LED) backlights and ultra-slim form factors. It is also expected that 3D flat panel TVs will come with better glasses to aid easy viewing. These enhancements are expected to stimulate demand for 3D flat panel TVs.

For more information on the global 3D TV market, see the latest research: Global 3D TV Market

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