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XLVets has fresh focus with the appointment of Laura Whyte

XLVets, the community of independently owned veterinary practices, has appointed a new Chair to its Board of Directors. Ms Laura Whyte is an independent, non-executive Director and in her role will bring a fresh perspective and business knowledge to enhance the experience of existing members and new members as their practices join the group.

Laura was previously HR Director at John Lewis, where she worked for over 11 years and has been extensively involved in governance, acting as an employee advocate. She has also worked in Non-Executive Director positions within government, investment and charity and has held positions with the British Horseracing Authority and the British Equestrian Federation.

With a keen interest in customer experience and helping people to collaborate effectively, Laura says she has been impressed by the calibre of people within the XLVets community, “Not only are the board members and practice owners I have met incredibly bright, passionate and dedicated people, they are also a delight to work with. There’s a clear appetite for clinical excellence, finding economies of scale that allow their businesses to flourish and developing new skills in leadership and communication.”

XLVets CEO Andrew Curwen explained that the members agreed that Laura was the right person to help them take XLVets into the future, “Our members enjoy diversity while benefiting from shared resources. They value knowledge and Laura brings a wealth of experience from retail and across all industry sectors, as well as a deep understanding of what can be achieved when people work together and have ownership. We’re excited to see how she can help us move forward and expand our community of independently owned practices.”

As a horse owner for over 30 years Laura has previously experienced veterinary practice as a service user and she says she is enjoying gaining an insight into the practice owner’s viewpoint. She confirmed that her focus will be very much on veterinary professionals, “We’ll be positioning the community for long term growth, while providing the infrastructure that supports XLVets members so they can fulfil their own potential and develop their own businesses to deliver great results for animals and people.”

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About XLVets

XLVets represents independent practices, enabling them to collaborate as a community of professionals with shared knowledge, experience and skills.

Practice ownership and therefore all decision making, is veterinary led, in the hands of those who work within their practice and remains with veterinary professionals who are committed to achieving and maintaining excellence.

Members benefit from group synergies as a result of improved access to resources, processes and economy of scale, that would otherwise be beyond their reach, ensuring they remain highly competitive.

The support of their peers and colleagues means members can freely express their individuality but are not alone. XLVets is proud to celebrate leadership, creativity and technical know-how demonstrated by the best-in-class professionals at every level within its community.

With a focus on building cooperative relationships and networks, XLVets recognises the strong tradition and heritage of veterinary practice and welcomes opportunities to put control of the future into the hands of veterinary surgeons and their teams.

Founded in 2005, XLVets began as a collection of dynamic farm animal practices that saw benefits to working together to support each other, while retaining their own individuality. As a champion of independent veterinary practice XLVets has grown rapidly, with equine and companion animal practice now also strongly represented. The appeal of the business model has extended internationally and there are XLVet communities in UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada.

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