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The Ghost Wolves   ( Photo: Jaqueline Badeaux)
The Ghost Wolves ( Photo: Jaqueline Badeaux)

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Austin, TX-based duo The Ghost Wolves to release new single 'Let's Go To Mars' ahead of European tour


Photo: Jaqueline Badeaux

Dirty Water Records is pleased to announce the release of the newest songs from Austin, TX’s The Ghost Wolves.  "Let's Go To Mars" will be available Worldwide 7 February on 7” vinyl and digital. 

Formed in 2010 and hardly taking time to sit since then, the Ghost Wolves create, record and tour at a dizzying clip. Blending rock n' roll, punk rock, garage and blues with electronic elements, the duo has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the modern rock n’ roll underground, touring internationally for almost 8 years straight, with nearly 1000 shows between them in 23+ countries including most of Western Europe, USA, U.K., and Japan.

Photo: Jaqueline Badeaux

Carley and drummer Jonny Wolf, have been married for seven years. Rock n' roll is their genre, but the Austin, Texas-based duo explores a wider palette of sounds than just the guitar and drums. Jonny keeps an analog synthesizer and a tape delay box behind his kit, often reaching with a drum stick clenched in hand to smash the keys or spin a knob. Space rays, low rumbles, tape noise, and other unidentifiable noises roll over Carley's thunderous one-string guitar tones and helium-pitch vocal lines. She recently scored a gig as a cartoon character in a kid's show, playing the lead singer of a teenage punk band. "It was a dream come true." She remarks in her natural Betty Boop voice.

The Ghost Wolves'name comes from a family history on Carley's side. "I was raised with a pack of wolf hybrid and northern dogs on my parent's ranch in central Texas, in the hill country. We'd have a bunch at once, sometimes as many as 11 or 12. My dad is an animal whisperer kind of guy and would rescue them from bad situations because they don't make great pets for most people. But with a lot of love and room to run, they became members of our family." Carley remembers. "When we started the band, we would take some of them on tour with us. They're our mascots, security, merch sellers, and best friends on the road. And when they die, we really feel it, we miss them so much."

Photo: Johan Vipper

The duo has released two LPs and an EP so far on labels from Austin, Berlin, and Nashville. They've also toured the world since starting their band 8 years ago, playing nearly 1000 shows in 23 countries. The Ghost Wolves' recorded music has been featured in film and TV by HBO, ABC, CBS, Disney, Netflix, MTV, Showtime and Alamo Drafthouse. The duo's ongoing clothing collaboration with Tokyo fashion brand Hysteric Glamour, now entering its 6th season, is currently available at the company's brand stores throughout Asia and online.

Their most recent recording was made with engineer/producer John Michael Schoepf (bassist for Ray Wylie Hubbard / Night Glitter) in his Austin living room studio. "We were working on 1/2 inch tape and an 8 track Tascam recorder from the 1970s. We made a point of having no computers or screens in the studio for maximum clarity and focus," Jonny tells us. "We didn't want distractions. For us, it was just hanging out with John Mike, who's one of our best friends in the world, having some beer and rolling tape into the night." At the Muddy Roots Festival in Belgium this summer, the sound system caught fire and blew up during The Ghost Wolves' set. Mid-show, smoke wafted from the speaker stacks and obscured the stage. "We kept playing." remembers Jonny Wolf "Until there wasn't sound anymore. Then Carley crowd surfed. There was almost a riot. It was incredible."

Photo: Johan Vipper

An uncontrolled fire, or an explosion, maybe the perfect way to describe the experience of seeing The Ghost Wolves play live. No two shows are alike, and the audience is as much a participatory body as they are paying guests of the band. Carley Wolf is constantly engaging them, urging them to sing and dance, turning her up amps louder, while Jonny hits the drums harder and harder, until all present enter a feverous trance and the walls of the club seem to be ready to come apart. "If we don't walk off stage drenched to our underwear in sweat, it was a bad gig," Jonny says. "That's how we gauge if we sucked or we did well. By our sweat levels."

Let's Go To Mars" Releases 7 February - PRE-ORDER NOW!

Tickets for London release party here!

The band will kick-off a European Tour later this month after a grip of Texas dates to support the new single. Full tour dates below. 


Thurs 1/23/20 - Dallas, TX - Three Links
Fri 1/24/20 - Houston, TX - Satellite Bar
Sat 1/25/20 - San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger
Sun 1/26/20 - Austin, TX - Barracuda

Europe 2020
31/01/2020 - Lüdenscheid, DE - Panoptikum
01/02/2020 - Utrecht, NL - DB's
05/02/2020 - Brighton, UK - Hope and Ruin
06/02/2020 - Bristol, UK - Elmer’s
07/02/2020 - London, UK - The Finsbury
08/02/2020 - Groningen, NL - Vera
11/02/2020 - Osnabrück, DE - Whisky’s
12/02/2020- Koln, DE - Sonic Ballroom
14/02/2020 - Essen, DE - Freakshow
15/02/2020 - Finnentrop, DE - Blaues Hays
16/02/2020 - Mannheim, DE - Blau
19/02/2020 - Torino, IT - Blah Blah
20/02/2020 - Castiglion Fiorentino, Arezzo, IT - Velvet Underground
21/02/2020 - Madonna dell'albero, Ravenna, IT - Bronson Cafe
22/02/2020 - Roma, IT - Trenta Formiche
23/02/2020 - Rapolano Terme, Siena, IT - Cacio e Pere

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Past performers have included The White Stripes (voted by Q Magazine as one of the top 10 gigs of all time, Mojo one of the top 30 and Kerrang one of the top 100!), The Gories, Country Teasers, Black Lips, NOBUNNY, Kid Congo Powers, The Fleshtones, Billy Childish, Radio Birdman, The Dirtbombs, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The's, The Horrors and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to name just a few. The club has also seen some original '60s performers, such as The Monks, ? and the Mysterians, Kim Fowley, Sky Saxon, GONN, Michael Davis of the MC5 and more grace its stage.

Their in-house record label, Dirty Water Records, is one of the leading garage/beat/(real) R&B labels in the world.

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