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Media Update 23 August 2019

Osmo Mobile 3, Foldable and Equipped with New Smart Features

Building on a long tradition of creating class-leading gimbals for both aerial and ground purposes, DJI has launched Osmo Mobile 3, a portable and foldable mobile phone stabiliser that adds new smart features to the Osmo Mobile series.

Osmo Mobile 3 is the ideal lightweight companion for all of life’s adventures. Users can capture ultra-steady video footage and unique content using intelligent features programmed into the latest version of the DJI Mimo app. An intuitive design meets functionality with Osmo Mobile 3, featuring simplified operation and adjustments.

Check out this video to learn more about all what you can do with the Osmo Mobile 3.

When Drones Help Firefighters: Interview with Eric Rodriguez, a Pioneer in Southern France

As part of a series of interviews on drone pilots using the technology in sectors such as public safety, search and rescue and many more, DJI introduces Eric Rodriguez, a pioneer in the use of drones in firefighting in France. He is in charge of monitoring, research and innovation for the fire and rescue service of the Bouches du Rhône department in the Marseille area in the South of France (SDIS13 or Fire and Rescue Department Service 13). The unit he manages consists of 10 pilots and a dozen of drones for the general public and professionals.

He also represents Civil Security in the Civilian Drones Council, at the DGAC (the French civilian aviation authority), and he acts as an expert for the European Civil Protection Directorate (DG ECHO). He recently published a book promoting the use of drones in France. We interviewed him to hear more about his work and his vision for UAV technology.

The full interview on how Rodriguez deploys drone technology for firefighting is available here to share with your readers.

New Osmo Action Accessories Available Now

DJI has recently announced the launch of the new Osmo Action accessories.

The new accessories are the Mounting Kit (19 EUR / 19 GBP) and the Floating Handle (19 EUR / 19 GBP). Both accessories are available on the DJI Online Store.

Four Photographers along the Ganges River

Off to India to follow the Kumbh Mela, a Hindu pilgrimage that attracts over 100 million people to central India to bathe in the Ganges River, four photographers set out to document this cultural journey through their own eyes and individual photography styles. All hailing from the United States with a mixture of cinematographic, documentary, travel and street photography backgrounds, Gabriel Flores, Joe Greer, Jeremy Snell, and Dan Tom, in collaboration with Kamalan, a cultural agency, were all bound by their love for Indian culture, a spirit for adventure, and X1D-50c cameras as their artistic tools for capturing their unique perspectives.

Their singular photos can be shared with your readers by directing them to the Hasselblad official website.

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