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Call Angels Staff Get Motivated!

Cheshire, United Kingdom (May 16, 2010) - Keen to set themselves apart from the competition, national call handling centre Call Angels has called in motivational experts Olivia Stefanino and Tianne Croshaw from ‘Be Your Own Guru’ ( to ensure that everyone at Call Angels who takes calls on behalf of clients are “upbeat, proactive and able to create instant rapport” with the person on the other end of the phone.

As more and more people are setting up their own businesses – and research shows that this trend is likely to continue – there’s fierce competition amongst call answering companies like Call Angels to win prospective clients’ confidence and trust.

“Clearly,” says Call Angels MD James Ward, “all centres handling calls on behalf of their clients need to be professional – but we wanted to be head and shoulders above the competition which is why we’ve decided to put all of our call centre managers and staff through an intensive personal leadership programme.

“Each member of staff will not only receive one to one coaching – in which they’ll be able to set their own personal and action plans – but they’ll also attend group training in which they’ll learn fundamental Neuro Linguistic Programming skills, which will definitely give the edge to our Call Angels service.”

Call Angels called in the services of Be Your Own Guru, after reading the book of the same name by leadership and motivational expert Olivia Stefanino. Olivia’s colleague, Tianne Croshaw is herself a personal excellence coach and has worked with several sporting medallists, helping them to achieve the pinnacle of success in their chosen sports.

“We’re really lucky to have these two powerful coaches working with Call Angels”, says James. “And the great thing is that the Call Angel staff are responding really well to having this level of investment in them! By appointing special coaches to them, our employees know that we really care about them, their development and their careers.

While the focus of the personal leadership programme is personal goals, once these are aligned with the Call Angel objectives, the magic really starts to happen.

“My credo is that successful companies employ successful individuals,” says Chester based Olivia – “and when we work with companies like Call Angels, there’s always a phenomenal increase in profits for the organisation – and generally the company starts to see the difference almost right away.”

Tianne, who’s Nantwich-based, agrees…adding, “It’s forward looking companies like Call Angels who are going to make a real difference to the economy. By looking after their staff, and aligning their personal objectives with those of their employer, everyone begins to benefit.”

James too, who started Call Angels in 2003, is firmly convinced that the increased positive attitude that’s already in place is going to have a dramatically positive impact on Call Angels’ clients’  businesses too.

“For many businesses, the person who answers the phone is the gateway to the organisation itself. Not only is the call handler in the “front line”…but they create the reputation of the organisation in the callers’ mind. Having the right person answer a clients’ calls in the right way is just so important for business. In fact, at Call Angels, we believe that the quality of the person answering your calls spells either success or failure for your business.”

And for those organisations who aren’t yet in a position to employ their own receptionist full time, call handling companies like Call Angels are an absolute boon. They’re able to provide all the benefits of a professional receptionist service, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

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About Call Angels:

A division of Dolphin Com Ltd., Call Angels was created in 2003 to help people who were continuously missing calls on their landline/08 number after research suggested a staggering 85% of people were missing calls without realising it. Call Angels specialise in manning a telephone system 24 hours a day through their professional call centre service, ensuring that business customers never miss a call through their polished call handling system.