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Ehalos Launch Business Information Service “Binfo”.

People search Ehalos every day to find businesses in their local communities. Today we are please to announce the launch of Ehalos’ Business Information service “Binfo”.

“Binfo” will give businesses a chance to get their own unique page on Business owners will be able to add photos and videos to their page as well as write a business description, plus add many other bits of information relevant to what they do.

As the majority of business owners do not have the time or experience to develop a webpage, we do all the work for them. That’s right we do the work, the only thing the business owner is required to do is complete a short form and send us the pictures or videos they want added to their page.

We are also pleased to announce that many businesses will have the opportunity to be interviewed by our staff. This gives business owners a chance to say much more about their business and its aims.

Ehalos is the first search engine to offer this service. This shows our ongoing commitment to providing business owners with what they have been asking for and helps people discover them when they search.

For further information, please contact:

Maria Bond,

Or visit


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Ehalos is currently the fastest growing search engine in world. Offering users a chance to surf the web without any of their private data being collected. Launched in January 2011 Ehalos has seen phenomenal growth in its market share.