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Elephants captivate King's Cross

This week, the elephant communications team has been busy helping Elephant Parade and intu deliver the Central London preview event for the forthcoming Elephant Parade national tour.

After months of meticulous planning, it was wonderful to see the first 13 elephants from the herd arrive in London in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as the station was set up for the day's preview. 

Tuesday morning the elephants captured the interest of passers by - many thousands of people stopping to take photos, tweet comments or make posts. The photography taken through the day captured the excitement that an Elephant Parade creates. Mike Spits, Elephant Parade Founder, and the intu team where at King's Cross during the day to meet the public and speak with the media.

It was also great so see so many of the tour artists, many getting a first chance to see the public enjoying their masterworks. During the afternoon we interviewed many of them and these will appear on the tour website in the weeks ahead.

So many people expressed delight that Elephant Parade is back in the UK, but the preview was just a taster. The national launch takes place at intuWatford on Monday as intu takes the full herd on a 375-adventure around the UK - a project that will involve 70 schools and give many towns and cities their first experience of an Elephant Parade. A great day at King's Cross last week that has fed a lot of excitement about the months ahead.

Tour info available from the new tour website -


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