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Terry and his wife Marie
Terry and his wife Marie

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Ex-paramedic Terry talks to us about the value of our Bereavement Cuppa group.

Terry experienced unexpected bereavement and hopes his story will benefit both men and women.

It’s difficult to come to terms with losing Marie. As a man, I felt hesitant about opening up about my emotions. ellenor’s Bereavement Cuppa and counselling sessions gives me the opportunity to talk freely and openly about my thoughts and emotions and I now find myself able to deal with how I feel”.

Terry, 70 years old, lost his wife Marie to lung cancer over 18 months ago. Two weeks after diagnosis and being cared for by ellenor, he was left in utter shock by her sudden death. This was especially hard as he himself had been in a coma with sepsis several months earlier with Marie by his side, and had not been expected to survive.

Living with bereavement is difficult – especially at Christmas, but having the support and companionship of other bereaved people can help you feel less alone. The sense of loss can be immense. Some people feel that they can’t go on, they can’t face life without their loved one. The Bereavement Cuppa can be the first step to helping people through bereavement, grief and loss, and moving forward with their lives.

“Being amongst others who understand loss and are experiencing similar challenges that living with grief brings, can be reassuring and helps to put life back together. I’ve also made new friendships, have companionship and the opportunity to engage in new activities like bowling and dances. I cannot thank ellenor enough for what they are doing to me, and still are” says Terry.

From compassion to care to emotional wellbeing, ellenor plays a pivotal role in local families’ lives, when they are facing the most difficult of times. ellenor offers group support for bereaved people in Kent. Their ‘Bereavement Cuppa’ brings people together in a safe place to share their experiences openly and talk about coping day to day.

ellenor runs two Bereavement Cuppas: one in Dartford on Thursday mornings, the other in Gravesend every Thursday evening. You do not have to have a connection with ellenor to attend either group.

ellenor’s care is provided around the clock and continues over the festive period including Christmas and Boxing Day. Our whole team will be working hard to provide the compassionate hospice care and support that local families need – whether that’s a nurse doing a crisis visit to a child in their own home on Christmas Day or our wellbeing team supporting a family facing that first Christmas after the death of a loved one.

By supporting ellenor this Christmas your kindness will make a real difference. Please donate online: or call our Supporter Care team on 01322 626509



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