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Infrastructure’s key future issues  – the solutions were presented at Elmia

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Infrastructure’s key future issues – the solutions were presented at Elmia

Cross-border cooperation was a major focus when the transport and infrastructure industry met at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden. A new forum plus two trade fairs created a comprehensive experience.

“My lasting impression of the event is that cross-border cooperation is really needed,” commented Magnus Ringqvist, exhibition manager at Elmia.

What will tomorrow’s infrastructure and transport systems really be like?

And can Sweden, together with its Nordic neighbours, find a common solution in a unique collaboration that both benefits the countries’ transport sectors and is also advantageous for our environment?

The questions were clear and numerous during the three days of the trade fair.

“The industry has a number of clear challenges and opportunities,” Ringqvist said. “Important and strategic issues for the future ran like a red thread through the three days: a borderless Nordic region, research and innovation, and skills supply.

“When we look at how we will solve all this, the answer is that we’ll do it together within the industry. No individual actor can cope with these challenges – everyone must help.”

During the three days, Elmia’s exhibition halls and conference halls became the Nordic region’s most important meeting places for the transport and infrastructure industry. A hub for exhibitors, consultants, manufacturers and service companies. But also for research, cross-border cooperation and innovation.

For the first time, Elmia’s new forum for future infrastructure and transport issues – Elmia Nordic Future Transport Summit – was held in parallel with Elmia Nordic Rail and Elmia Nordic Transport Infrastructure. Here, the focus lay on strategically important issues for the future, with highly topical themes on the agenda.

Above all, the discussions focused on greater cooperation between the Nordic countries over smoother transport solutions via land or sea, for example for goods.

“Our political leaders have agreed that the Nordic region will be the world’s most integrated region by 2030, so a lot remains to be done,” said Norwegian Member of Parliament Stein Erik Lauvås from the Nordic Council’s Committee for Growth and Development in the Nordic region.

Representatives of the newly formed subsidiary of Nordic Re-Finance, Railrent Nordic, were happy with the three days at Elmia.

“It’s an important and pitch-perfect fair for the industry. For us it also meant a huge amount that we could stand outside the entrance with our new Twoway Multi. That was incredibly valuable.”

Mikael Zagerholm, CEO Railrent Nordic

Siemens Mobility is a repeat exhibitor at Elmia Nordic Rail.

“It’s exactly the right place for us because we reach out to and meet the right companies and individuals in our field. We offer a broad portfolio of transport modes, and given that there are several different levels of interaction at the fair – both between countries and between companies – this is totally the right market for us.”

Anne Kipp, Nordic Head of Communications, Siemens Mobility

Bombardier regards exhibiting at Elmia Nordic Rail as self-evident. The company was also present during the well-attended and much-appreciated Career Forum on the fair’s last day.

“It’s a fair that Bombardier must be present at. Above all, it’s a matter of all the contacts – of meeting and discussing what’s happening in an innovative sector. Things are constantly happening in the railway industry and this forum enables us to participate in what both our competitors and our partners are doing. At the same time, we get to present our innovative ideas and all our development.”

Kajsa Forsgren, Communication Specialist, Bombardier

Exhibitors from the company Industrikomponenter AB/Inkom noticed a clear increase in the number of visits to their stand, and were very satisfied with this year’s fair.

“I’m really positively surprised by the fair. We have a number of new products that we believe in and wanted to present. Elmia Nordic Rail creates the opportunity to meet the right people. The railway industry is about projects rather than many small orders, so this fair is a superb opportunity to present our product range and at the same time meet both existing and new customers.”

Anders Blomqvist, Industrikomponenter AB/Inkom

The stand of S:t Eriks had a steady stream of visitors wanting to get to know the company and explore the projects it is working on.

“Elmia Nordic Rail is an extremely beneficial trade fair. Here we meet not only customers who buy from us but also their customers. We also have the opportunity to meet with the Swedish Transport Administration and consultants. The fair is like a candy factory for us, at the same time as being an incredibly important forum to be seen at.”

Fredrik Adielson, Business Development Manager, S:t Eriks

Even though Dachser’s main focus is trucking, the company doesn’t hesitate to also be seen at a more railway-focused trade fair.

“Our main niche is export and import, primarily in road haulage and groupage, but we believe you’ve got to be seen to be heard. This is the second year we’re here, and it has created a curiosity about us, plus we’ve also made a lot of contacts. We’re more than satisfied.”

Stefan Palmgren, Sales Executive, Dachser Sweden AB

The Swedish Transport Agencywas able to discuss both cars and trains at its stand, but also regards the fair as an important meeting place for the assembled transport world.

“We’ve had a lot of visitors who wanted to know more about regulations and directives, even to do with cars. This is a really good meeting place for us, which we appreciate participating in. Here we meet the people we’re both working with and against. In terms of the railway, it was about technical issues but also a lot about the fourth directive from the EU.”

Hans Cassepierre, The Swedish Transport Agency, Roads & Railways

The next Elmia Nordic Rail, Elmia Nordic Transport Infrastructure and Elmia Nordic Future Transport Summit are planned for 5–7 October 2021.


Number of exhibitors: 260

Number of visitors: 3,533

Number of daily visits: 4,283



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