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Enterprise Den Expands Online Investor and Entrepreneur Platform to Include US Market

Via an extensive web based platform, Enterprise Den offers Entrepreneurs and Investors an openly accessible and free online global marketplace, where they can interact and exchange business opportunities for much needed funding. 

Enterprise Den is already attracting UK based entrepreneurs and investors through it's single online portal, integrated web based tools and VideoPitchTM capabilities. The launch of its US site means that it can now offer access to Investment opportunities and Business funding across the United States and United Kingdom, on a single integrated platform.

Using the portal, entrepreneurs can quickly build effective online video pitches, attaching business plans and other documents, as well as product photos. Pitches can be viewed instantly by registered accredited investors, who can also choose to have email alerts, matching their preferred investment selection and city/county location criteria, sent directly to their in-box via Enterprise Den’s PitchAlertTM functionality. Accredited investors who are registered with Enterprise Den, can search through business pitches both locally and globally using Postcode/Zipcode distance, and country search functionality, whilst also setting their chosen investment parameters. Pitches can be compared using PitchCompareTM functionality, as well as saved to favorites, emailed to friends or colleagues, shared with social networks (viewing is subject to registration), or printed for review. Users can also maintain and edit their pitches, alerts, and other account information, using an extensive account management section, as well as gain access to useful resource sections for both entrepreneurs and investors, all free of charge.

Enterprise Den’s expansion comes at a critical and also opportune time as governments battle to inject much needed growth into the global economy, with many experts looking to entrepreneurship as the solution. Unfortunately, a current lack of funding from traditional sources such as banks, is holding back many new and high potential businesses, a dilemma that Enterprise Den is hoping to try and solve with it’s free to all service. With the addition of the US as the largest global market for entrepreneurs and investors, Enterprise Den expects to extensively broaden the opportunities for is registered users.

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About Enterprise Den

Enterprise Den is a leading integrated online market place where entrepreneurs and angel investors connect to exchange business opportunities and funding. Enterprise Den provides both entrepreneurs and accredited investors with a single platform where they can either create and upload their business pitch, or search for business investment opportunities using advanced integrated search and pitch alert tools. By using Enterprise Den, both entrepreneurs and investors can reach opportunities via a single online portal. Enterprise Den launched in 2012 and is currently available to users in the United Kingdom, and United States with plans to include other markets and territories shortly.

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