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Who are ECC?
Who are ECC?

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Who are ECC?

Who are European Consumer Claims (ECC)?

European Consumer Claims (ECC) are a timeshare claims company with a growing network of offices in Southern Spain, the Canary Islands and the UK. ECC assist timeshare owners with financial compensation claims in Spain, the UK and other jurisdictions. They also offer help with freeing people from unwanted timeshare contracts

ECC have helped thousands of timeshare owners from across the UK to release themselves from unwanted timeshares all over the world, and to claim compensation from timeshare resorts who breached rules designed to protect consumers from high pressure sales

Andrew Cooper, the firm's CEO is currently looking at expanding into the American/US timeshare claims and exits/disposals market

Corporate mission

The ECC mission is to help timeshare owners who wish to rid themselves of unwanted memberships, and to claim compensation when the member is entitled to such

The timeshare owners we help often come to us with a combination of the following concerns:

  • Unreasonably high annual maintenance fees, with year-on-year increases.
  • Frustration at the lack of availability and/or unfair allocation of timeshare exchanges
  • Changes in personal circumstances, such as health, retirement, family or finances.
  • Unfair treatment by resort owners and/or disillusionment with timeshare.
  • Concerns about burdening their family with unwanted long-term future liabilities.
  • Timeshare not only has no resale value, but is an ongoing financial burden.

Feedback and FAQs

We receive numerous enquiries/reports every day direct from consumers.  Please see the customer comments or watch the video testimonials to witness the experiences of our previous clients.

Please also see the frequently asked questions to see the answers to the most common queries we receive, or to ask your own questions.

If you have similar concerns, please complete our short form now and find out which options are available to you. In the first instance, an expert advisor will contact you to discuss your concerns and timeshare release options, which will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The timeshare group/resort/scheme of which you are an owner/member;
  • When you bought into the timeshare;
  • The current annual fees & whether the payments are up to date;
  • The term of the contract – and how much longer there is to run;

In addition to timeshare claims services, we can also provide advice and help on how to recover your money, when appropriate.  

A wave of successful individual and group legal cases against many of the timeshare organisations and lending companies (such as Shawbrook, Barclays & Hitachi) since early 2015 have set precedents on timeshare mis-selling, offering hope to thousands of timeshare owners

Depending on your specific situation – and with your agreement – we may then invite you to a consultancy appointment at one of our offices – or we can arrange a video call if COVID prevents a physical visit.

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ECC provides timeshare claims services, expert advice and help.


E (for media enquiries):

T: 0800 6101 512 / 0203 6704 616

Monday to Friday: 9am-8pm. Saturday/Sunday closed

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Press contacts

Mark Jobling

Press contact Communications Director Communication +442035198465 European Consumer Claims

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European Consumer Claims (ECC) are the UK & Europe’s leading timeshare release & claims specialists

ECC help timeshare owners from across the UK to release themselves from unwanted timeshares all over the world, and to recover money where possible.

We are expert timeshare release & claims consultants operating from a growing network of offices throughout the UK and a number of Europe’s timeshare “hot-spots”

Our mission is to help timeshare owners who wish to rid themselves of unwanted timeshare (and the associated long-term fee commitments) and to recover monies wherever possible.

European Consumer Claims (ECC)
The Henley Building, Newtown Road
RG9 1HG Henley-on-Thames