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Specialized Camber FSR Expert 2012 Review – Customer Reviewer Of The Month

This month’s customer review was written by James Cleeton on the Specialized Camber FSR Expert 2012, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

Before you read this i want to say that i am not technically ,minded and have only recently got into mountainbiking after years of just using hardtails for commuting and getting around. So forgive the layman terms.

After my Specialized StumpJumper was stolen (owned for only 3 months and my first full suspension bike), my insurance company lined me up with a Camber Expert. I thought that the close family ties would result in this being a very similar feeling bike. But this seems to be a much tighter, contollable and fun bike to ride. Dont get me wrong, i loved my Stumpy and i havent had the opportunity to test the Camber to the same extremes. I was reluctant because i thought it was the cheaper, younger brother but i have been blown away by how it feels.

As the theft of my stumpy coincided with the theft of my road bike (i now have a completely new security set up for my garage) i had to use this to commute for a week until a replacement arrived. It was an absolute dream to ride with the suspension locked out – a few extra pounds in the tyres – and it flew along on the roads and cycle lanes.

Out on the trails it hasnt dissapointed me. I have managed to get out 3 times in just 2 weeks. After an immediate crash on my first outing (after forgetting to reduce the tyre pressure after a ride across Bristol to go to Aston Court) i soon found my pace and found myself flying around using the pro-pedal setting more often than not.

Changing to fully open suspension setting i could feel the extra cushion smoothing it out, but the pro-pedal setting seems to suit my riding style. Strangely, i used to use the full suspension setting far more on the stumpy. Something about the tight feel of the Camber makes me want to stay in pro mode.

It felt light, responsive and fast. A dream over the jumps and fast round the berms.

The brakes work a treat – in the words of one of my work mates “look at those discs, they’re like ##### dinner plates!

I was a little concerned about the move to a dual ring 10 speed (only 20 gears) but i have found myself changing gears less, but when i do it is smooth and quick. It lacks a bit of oomph at full speed down hill (legs going like the clappers) but thats not what its for.

I find myself riding along with a massive smile this on this bike! Believe me, this is not a cheap stumpy – its a tight, fast and smooth dream of a bike that just flies along.

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