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Sweden and P.R of China celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations

Now, six decades later, the two countries’ relationship has matured, and China’s and Sweden’s economic
and trade cooperation has grown closer.

“I feel happy about the development of our relationship and the steady expansion of our relation into
new areas. China is our biggest export market outside Europe and cooperation in areas such as
education and research is growing every day,” said Bengt Johansson, Consul-General of Sweden in

Bengt Johansson, being the first Swedish diplomat at the re-opened Consulate General of Sweden
(1996-1999) and now on his second term as Consul-General since 2008, hopes that China and
Sweden can continue nurture their relationship.

The establishment of diplomatic relations followed on negotiations that took place during several
months. On January 14, 1959, Sweden’s foreign minister Östen Undén sent a telegram to the foreign
minister of the P.R of China, Mr Zhou Enlai, stating that the Swedish government was prepared to
recognize the P.R of China. The Chinese side did not accept this as a fact until Sweden had sent a
diplomat, Mr Ingvar Grauers, to Beijing to prepare the details. The establishment of relations was then
made public in Beijing and Stockholm on May 9, stating that the ambassadors were Mr Torsten
Hammarström and Mr Geng Biao.

A number of events in May will highlight this celebration. The issue will be the main topic for a meeting
between H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Chinese leaders in Beijing. In Stockholm an exhibition of terra
cotta warriors will be held at the Museum for Far Eastern Antiquities. In Shanghai a reception will be
held on May 9 at the Swedish pavilion at the World Expo.

For more information, please contact:
Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai
Ms. Jonna Wibelius
+86-21-5359 9618
Ms. Louise Lu
+86-21-5359 9620


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The World Exposition in Shanghai lasts between May 1 and October 31 2010. It is estimated to be the largest World Expo ever with over 200 participating countries and organizations and 70 million visitors - mainly from China. Sweden participates with a pavilion of its own financed equally by government and business. At the Swedish pavilion the visitors will meet up with Swedish Spirit of Innovation through games and examples luring them to communication, participation and engagement to the benefit of both man and nature.