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If you are at the start of a divorce, you may be feeling stressed and anxious. There are all sorts of things that you may consider for example; how you will survive financially? Where will you live? And what will the future hold?

The aim of this article is to help you identify the main things you should consider and to help guide you through your options.

How will I survive financially?

  • Prepare a list of your income and outgoings to see how much you need each week/month to live on.
  • Check what benefits and tax credits you are entitled to. To help you work out how much you could claim, please visit Entitled to and use their simple calculator to make sure you are not missing out on any entitlements. The site is free and no personal information is required.
  • If you are now the only adult in your household, contact your local council to obtain a 25% reduction of your Council Tax bill.
  • Work out what you might have to pay or be entitled to receive in child maintenance. To work out child maintenance please use the Child Maintenance Calculator on the Child Support Agency website.
  • If you have a pension, find out how much your pension is worth by asking your pension provider to provide you with a CETV (“Cash Equivalent Transfer Value”) of your pension.
  • Contact your bank to inform them of the divorce and open up a separate bank account, if you haven’t already.
  • You may want to consider setting up spousal maintenance payments, or receive a lump sum payment as settlement in the divorce. This can be achieved by a Financial Consent Order

Where will I live?

  • Ask an estate agent to value your property if you are thinking of selling it.
  • Contact your mortgage company to find out how much you owe on your mortgage.
  • If you have an endowment policy, find out what it is worth by contacting your assurance company. Make sure you find out how much it is worth if you cash it in now and also what it will pay when it matures.
  • Decide how long you need to stay in the property before it can be sold and how much it would cost you to remain in the property.
  • If a property needs to be sold, find out how much it would cost you to re-house yourself (and any children) and obtain a selection of properties you would be interested in buying.
  • If the property you live in is in joint names, you may want to consider a property adjustment order, which will allow you to remain in the property until a later date i.e. the children have finished full time education. This can be achieved by a Financial Consent Order
  • Contact Mortgage provides to find out the maximum you could raise by getting a new mortgage.
  • Consider what is available to rent.

What will the future hold?

  • If you have only been working part-time or not working, consider what you would need to do to get back into the job market or to increase your hours.
  • If you are looking for a change of career, what training and qualifications will you need? Helpful information can be found at Next Steps
  • What expenses will you incur in planning a change of career?
  • Budget and plan for any changes in career.
  • Make sure you put into place or change an existing Will to ensure that right people benefit from your estate.
  • Single life is different but you shouldn’t be afraid, being single again can take time to get use to but it is the perfect opportunity for you to re-discover yourself.
  • Remember doing things that make you happy will increase your self-confidence!

At Fasttrack Divorce we have tried to make the divorce process as quick, simple and as cost effective as possible. We appreciate that there are many other things you will want to be able to get on and do so let us worry about your divorce.

Our services are tailored to your suit your personal circumstance, providing you with just the right level of help and guidance. Our team of dedicated Divorce Experts have all the relevant experience required to support you at this time in your life.

Divorce doesn’t have to be difficult and we help thousands of people every month successfully obtain their divorce throughout England & Wales.


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