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International Flow - Flowscape now in 17 countries

Flowscape’s mission of eliminating office friction has evolved globally in the last three years. Since 2016, the Flowscape system has been installed for customers in 17 different countries.

Flowscape can proudly announce that the company has had its system installed in 17 countries by the end of 2018. This means an average of more than 5 new countries every year ever since the first international customer decided to join the mission of combating friction at modern offices in 2016.

“It is wonderful to see how the Flowscape system gains ground around the globe. We continuously see increased levels of activity-based working in various countries and regions. At the end of the day, office workers want to do their job without having to stop and think about the hinders that create friction along the way. This is Flowscape’s quest, why we get up in the morning” says Peter Reigo, founder and CEO. 


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Peter Reigo

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