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​The Oumph! Burger - Coming Soon!

This spring, Swedish food manufacturer Food for Progress is launching The Oumph! Burger, which is a plant-based premium burger for all burger lovers.

The Oumph! Burger will be sampled for the first time at the Fastfood & Café trade show in Stockholm this week.

"The Oumph! Burger is a burger for everyone who loves burgers!", says Henrik Åkerman, Marketing Director at Food for Progress, the Swedish company behind the award-winning plant-based success Oumph!

Åkerman continues:

"When we created the Oumph! Burger, we took our inspiration from a juicy rare burger, but the difference is that the Oumph! Burger is made with entirely plant-based ingredients".

Like all Oumph! products, The Oumph! Burger is made with soya beans, and the fine red colour comes from beetroot.

The Oumph! Burger is set to launch in all markets where Oumph! is currently available, starting in Sweden where the burger will hit supermarkets on the first week of May. Before this date it will be available from whole sellers and in a number of restaurant chains.

"We're pleased to be showcasing the Oumph! Burger now, aiming for a wider launch later in the spring”, says Åkerman.

The Oumph! Burger weighs 113g, which is the equivalent of a Quarter Pounder. For foodservice, the burger will be sold in packs of forty, and for consumers, in packs of two. A smaller, 75g burger will also be available for foodservice.

The food trade show Fastfood & Café is taking place at Kistamässan in Stockholm on the 30-31 January. The Oumph! Burger is available for a limited sampling at the Unibake/Korvbrödsbagaren's stand: G:06.

About Food for Progress

Award-winning Oumph! is a part of Food for Progress. Food for Progress is a Swedish food company that joins forces to produce tasty, nutritious and climate-friendly food that everyone on the planet can eat. Forever.

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Food for Progress is driving a new food logic. We work hands on with climate, health and food security. Co-creation is our core value and global impact our goal. Our Brands: Oumph! and Beat.


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