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Digital strategy in 2011

Form Digital Consulting is owned by Adam Cranfield - a digital strategist who has worked with many big brands to evolve their online experience and deliver business success through digital channels.

Digital strategy and more

Adam's work covers digital strategy, digital marketing, user experience, digital brandsocial media and project management. He has worked in communications for 13 years and digital comms for 10 of those. He is based in London.

Adam said: "2011 has been a really exciting year for Form Digital so far. I'm working with some very innovative clients and helping some major companies to improve online. There is lots of strategy, but also lots of execution."

"Digital is really where it's at for everyone now. It's all about being able to move quickly, while keeping a really clear view of your overall strategic objectives."

Web managers

Adam also runs the Web Managers group on LinkedIn, which he set up two years ago and now has 4,800 members. The group is international, but holds regular meet-ups in London.

"Running the Web Managers group has been a fantastic experience. The members are such smart and passionate people. Many of them have worked for years in companies without getting anywhere near the recognition they deserve, but now everything is digital and it's really their time to shine!"

"The explosiion of social media, apps and video means that the web manager's workload is bigger than ever, but I think they are finally getting more recognition for the skill and dedication involved."

Looking forward

So what is Adam hoping for in the rest of 2011 and into 2012?

"To see my clients achieve their objectives. And to be as creative, innovative and successful in my work as possible!"

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