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New Gardening Site Offers Tips For Greener And More Self Sufficient Living

[North Yorkshire, UK] - July 28, 2011 - Times continue to change as the world's population comes to grips with the fact that all solutions for better living might not come from the industrialization of the planet, some may actually end up coming from the garden. One place that a lot of people are turning to find a little peace is their own back yards where they can enjoy not only fresh air and pleasant time with their family, but the kind of fresh produce that one can only find in a well maintained vegetable garden. As people learn more about the health benefits of eating the fruits and vegetables they can grow for themselves, they are coming to see why nutritionists tend to favor this way of living. There are certainly a lot of core advantages to being able to enjoy a life filled with home grown produce, but another advantage is the fact that people can spend less at the grocery store with the barest amounts of elbow grease. This kind of self sufficient living is appealing for a lot of people who are no longer interested in the rat race of consumer society. They want to escape to preserve their physical, psychological and emotional health, something that gardening can definitely help preserve and enhance.

Hard to Beet is a new site which is based on personal experience and caters to those looking to live a greener and tastier lifestyle. It goes beyond typical gardening sites by covering topics such as how to save money through thrift, how to downshift for a more healthy lifestyle and ways to make a positive contribution to Earth's ecology. The site's owner, Alan Moore, created it as a labor of love and a place to share his tips on how to compost, grow a lush garden, live a life that makes the 9 to 5 a lot easier to handle and, for some people, possibly unnecessary. Moore's journey towards self sufficiency and a more holistic lifestyle has taught him a wealth of tips and the site serves as a place where others can join in and share from their own pool of knowledge. Given the results of recent polls, Hard to Beet is certainly providing the kind of information that many people are hungry for today.

To discover the wealth of knowledge that Hard to Beet offers now, visit today and discover just how simple it is to live greener and enjoy every day even more.


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