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University Students open up an understanding of Islamic Culture

Hidden Voice is an online project where spoken word artists are able to showcase their work through the state of the art technology called Audio Streaming. This enables audience to listen to the variety of beautiful work that can be heard and visualised through the powerful medium of audio.

The students Nafisa shaikh; Dilara Idris; Shamaila Zaid; and Aisha Ahmed have all got their specialist roles within the project, which includes Producing, editing, photography and various PR strategies that has enabled Hidden Voice to received an overwhelming response from various clients which includes Poets, Story tellers, Rap Artists etc.

Artists of Hidden Voice can expect an exceptional experience with professional photo shoot live studio work, as well as individual documentaries creating a very professional and unforgettable experience not to mention a platform to show off their skills.

Nafisa Shaikh the project manager of Hidden Voice expressed her feelings on why she felt that Islamic culture needed to be recognised;

“I feel that it is important that we recognise Muslim Art at its best and by providing a service like Hidden Voice is a way to be taken seriously, a medium to voice our message and our thoughts, especially because I feel that Islamic Art isn’t taken so seriously in our culture, so therefore it’s important to be recognised and be heard.”

Hidden Voice ….Break The Silence



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Hidden Voice Background:

Hidden Voice has been recognised and supported by "Hear My Voice" a company that encourages and helps young talented individuals with projects that are viable and have prospects to do well.

Hidden Voice began through a final year University Project in Media and Communications at the Birmingham City University.

Through considerable research  Nafisa Shaikh discovered  niche’ in the market for the lack of online websites for  Muslim artists to show case there work and felt that it was a growing issue that  needed to be tackled. As a final year project a group with different specialist roles was formed in order to fulfil this gap in the market.

The company includes four individuals with very different roles which are;

Nafisa Shaikh     :  Project Manager/ Producer

Dilara Idris         :  Public Relations Officer

Shamaila Zaid     :  Documentary Producer

Aisha Ahmed     :  Photographer

Hidden Voice has created a website in order to promote and provide a platform for spoken word artists.

The site will have individual profile pages with professional photographs; Documentary audio and picture with audio streaming, enabling viewers to listen to the artists work as well as being able to understand the artist through their personal biography.