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Ideas-4-Pets See Sales Boost As Weather Improves

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (May 06, 2010) – Ideas-4-Pets, a leading UK-based online supplier of quality pet housing and other pet accessories, announce that they have seen an increase in sales for some of their most popular products – a trend they put down to the improvement of the recent UK weather conditions.

Conditions have been improving in most parts of the United Kingdom as the miserable start to spring is forgotten and summer starts to appear in earnest. As such, Ideas-4-Pets have announced an increase in orders for some of their more seasonal products, including outdoor dog runs and cat runs, and other outdoor habitats for smaller animals such as rabbit hutches, outdoor bird aviaries and gerbil cages.

The rise in sales for outdoor-based pet products comes as more people look to enjoy the warm weather alongside their pets. Many are opting to take their pets to a local park or open space for walks and need products such as dog carriers to ensure their pets are safe in transit. Also seeing a sales increase are pet grooming products to help owners manage the summer coats of their pets and get them looking in tip top condition all year around.

“We’re lucky to be in an area ourselves where we can benefit from the beautiful weather, and we can understand why our current sales trend is happening. We feel like spending time outdoors with our pets too!” says Sue Lloyd, partner of Ideas-4-Pets. “For the discerning pet owner looking to spoil their pets throughout the summer months, we have a huge range of outdoor pet products for their consideration. From kennels to carriers, grooming products to chicken coops; we’re sure to have everything you need here at Ideas-4-Pets!”

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About Ideas-4-Pets:

Since they began trading in 2003, Ideas-4-Pets have grown to become one of the largest online retailers of pet housing. They specialise in supplying high quality dog kennels, dog cages, dog beds, parrot cages, rabbit hutches, chicken coops and many other pet products at affordable prices, hand in hand with pet care advice and information to enable pet owners, to provide a practical and safe environment for their pets.