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Now Payday Loans in the UK with No Credit Check

January 7, 2019, London – Lenders Club today announced that the payday loans are now available with no credit check. The company has a serious concern for the borrowers. In the very urgent need of funds, it is difficult to go for credit check. The focus of the   payday loans in the UK with no credit check is on the bad credit people and first time borrowers. The procedure of credit check is time consuming as well as leaves a footprint on the credit record. For a bad credit and first time borrower, it can bring difficult consequences and can create issues in future when the person wants to borrow funds from another lender. To prevent the borrowers from this, the company is now providing payday funding with no formality of credit file check.

Sandra Turner, the Senior Loan Executive of Lenders Club says – ‘We are unconditionally dedicated to the financial well-being of our borrowers. Payday loans are the most instant source of funding and in the desperate need of funds they literally become the life-saviour. A considerable percentage of borrowers is the victim of less-than-stellar credit performance, and many have no loans in past. We cannot miss a large part of the fund seekers. They have the right to get loans as they also contribute in the nation building. They should not remain devoid of funding and loans.’

The best part about this decision is that the applicants not only avail funds urgently but also improve financial records. Bad credit people can improve credit ratings if they repay the loan on time. On the other hand, the first time applicants have double benefit. They develop credit profile and can earn a good credit rating with ‘on time’ repayments. For both type of customers, it is like pouring a new life in the finances, as both the situations are not good for achieving financial goals. There are separate loan choices for the bad credit and first time loan applicants. The bad credit payday loans by direct lenders with no credit check is also available as the no credit check payday loans for people with no credit profile. 


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Lenders Club is an online loan company with short-term and fast funding solutions. No constraint of credit score status and employment status. Get instant approval and timely disbursal of funds. No stress of formalities, borrow funds without documentation and physical verification. 

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