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Great potential for lockable gas springs

Recently, Lesjöfors Gas Springs has developed the capacity to produce lockable type gas springs in-house. A new range of actuator buttons is also announced. The gas spring division is well equipped for the future with technical developments and a dedicated support team.

RLE Gas Springs for every need

Lockable gas springs (RLE = Rigidly Lockable in Extension) allow for effortless motion control of beds, tables and hatches with the additional ability to lock the stroke at any point. This facilitates variable positioning of the application with rigid locking forces in the extension or compression direction, as well as elastic locking abilities.

This function is achieved by a unique, valve-piston system that effectively separates the inner cylinder into two working pressure chambers. Actuating the valve-piston, reconnects the pressure chambers, allowing for the gas spring to freely move to the desired position.

Currently, Lesjöfors standard range of lockable gas springs is comprised of 70 unique part numbers with rigid locking forces in the tension direction. Custom solutions are available with strokes up to 250 mm, forces up to 1000 N and locking forces in any direction.

New range of actuators

Along with the additional capacity of lockable springs, Lesjöfors is also announcing a new range of actuator buttons. Compared to traditional lever solutions, this new range provides an elegant, low-profile actuator that fits perfectly in your precisely engineered application.

For more information on how Lesjöfors lockable gas springs can suit your application, please see our website or contact your local sales office.

Investing in the future

Lesjöfors gas spring division experienced good sales growth during 2014, but the market potential is still great.

Lesjöfors continues to pursue technical developments with dedicated R&D, and strive to develop and increase the production capabilities to maintain the market position and sustain continued growth.

With a unique range of gas springs and an expansive network of localized sales teams, Lesjöfors stands ready to meet your gas spring demands today and well into the future. 


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Lesjöfors is one of the leading spring suppliers with internationally well known customers. The products are demanded in many markets, in diverse industries. The assortment of springs (e.g. gas springs), stampings and pressings has a unique range, where one of the largest selections of standard springs are combined with high-tech, customized solutions.
Lesjöfors has both manufacturing and sales offices in several European countries and China.


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