Mother Convenes Summit in Parliament on Sugar

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Mother Convenes Summit in Parliament on Sugar

The Sugar Summit being held in Parliament today brings together influential stakeholders who together have the power to implement solutions to the much discussed sugar challenge.

Tesco, Compass Group, Revital, Royal Voluntary Service, Jamie Oliver Group and Caffe Nero are among a number of high-profile retailers coming together in Parliament today discuss sugar reduction, along with other stakeholders such as the Department of Health, Public Health England, British Soft Drinks Association, Food and Drink Federation, and Unite, the largest trade union in the country.

Rend Platings, the mother who set up Sugarwise has convened the Summit. “I would like to shift the focus of the debate to positive measures that can be taken on sugar reduction. The shock revelation in last week’s Panorama that children are being diagnosed with type two diabetes is not a future I will accept for my child. I’d like to get people’s heads together on all sides of the debate to work out what our steps will be.”

Britvic, Guylian and Whitworth’s are among the manufacturers participating, along with a number of Sugarwise accredited brands. High profile participants include Action on Sugar, the Children’s Food Campaign, and outspoken cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra as well as representatives of both the Houses of Commons and Lords such as Lord Brooke. Large ingredient and solution providers Merisant and Treatt are also set to attend.

The discussion is being chaired by Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes. “Retailers, consumers and manufacturers all have a responsibility to take action on this matter. 

There are an estimated 70,000 deaths a year due to poor diet, costing the NHS £6 billion per year. There are currently 4 million people in the UK living with diabetes. Action on this matter is long overdue. 

This is a fight we cannot afford to lose, and important events such as the Sugar Summit take us one step closer to tackling the menacing growth of diabetes in our country.” says Vaz.


Dr Michael Mosley - TV Presenter and Author of 5:2 Diet: "With obesity and diabetes rates soaring, and affecting people at an ever earlier age, there is an urgent need to cut back on sugar consumption, particularly amongst the young"

Shauna McCarney-Blair - Founder of Heavenly Tasty Organics: "As a mum of 4, and owner of an organic baby and toddler snacks brand, I see first hand, the want from parents for clarity on labelling around sugar content. I am delighted to see the Sugarwise summit take place and feel it is a key date for those in the food industry to make a positive impact on the future health of our children"


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Sugarwise is the certification for sugar claims in food and drink. The Sugarwise test is the only independent method for assessing added sugars in the world today. Manufacturer composition data does not need to be supplied to perform the independent assessment that has potential to enforce new sugar labelling regulations as well as reformulation targets throughout the world. The kitemark positively highlights options low in free sugars.

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