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House of Sport marks two years as home of capital's grassroots sport and physical activity scene

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House of Sport marks two years as home of capital's grassroots sport and physical activity scene

August 2019 marks the two-year anniversary of House of Sport, an innovative project from London Sport to create a dynamic community of physical activity and sport organisations. London Sport CEO Tove Okunniwa looks back at the past two years.

The House has grown significantly over the past 24 months and, most importantly, has taken us a step closer to making London the most active city in the world.

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you’re working all on your own. A single voice trying to make yourself heard above whatever maelstrom is drawing public attention from one week to another.

Thankfully, for all the challenges our industry faces, the physical activity and sport sector is one where, when people talk about collaboration, they genuinely mean it.

It’s one of the most positive things about working in this sector, and it’s something that should give us huge encouragement and heart for our collective ambitions.

Nowhere is this easier to see than at House of Sport and it goes a long way to explaining the huge success of the House and it’s permanent and associate members.

In the two years that London Sport has been here, we have seen countless demonstrations of real, vital collaboration between organisations working to change people’s lives through physical activity.

From full partnerships to small, incidental moments of shared discussion at the coffee machine, House of Sport offers a live demonstration of how powerful the act of collaboration can be.

For London Sport there’s no way that we can reach our end goal, of making London the most physically active city in the world, without meaningful collaboration.

It’s why we’ve worked closely with so many of our co-residents at House of Sport, from our projects with Disability Sports Coach to the partnerships with so many of our Sport Tech Hub friends.

Of course, not every partnership will begin within these four walls, but simply being here, among so many of our peers, ensures our default position is to work as part of a wider movement.

Continued collaboration and joint successes will ensure that House of Sport continues to be the heart of grassroots physical activity and sport in London for many years to come.

For more information on House of Sport visit their website or contact them directly.




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