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Mental Health Awareness Week: England does The Daily Mile

There is no shortage of evidence to the fact that physical activity can have a hugely positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of adults and children.

Improved mood and a decreased chance of depression and anxiety are just two of the mental benefits that being physically active can bring to Londoners.

Throughout the past 12 months, with the covid-19 pandemic, multiple lockdowns and serious disruption to their schooling, the mental health of young people has been particularly affected.

In January, charity Young Minds found that 67% of young people believed that the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health.

So, for Mental Health Awareness Week, London Sport are looking at community physical activity and sport organisations that focus on supporting mental wellbeing as well as physical health.

The Daily Mile

England Does The Daily Mile™ was a virtual mass participation event in schools and across social media to celebrate active schools and good mental health held on Friday 30 April, 2021. 

The event was The Daily Mile's first national event day to support pupils across England to get active together, and start talking about their mental health. 

Approximately three million children across more than 12,000 schools worldwide are now running a mile a day through The Daily Mile™.

The Daily Mile Foundation teamed up with mental health charity Place2Be for the April event to offer free resources to schools to support our young people’s mental health.

What They Say - Catherine Roche, Chief Executive of Place2Be

"Encouraging children to take part in physical exercise is one great way to promote positive ways to look after mental wellbeing, so I urged all schools to join us and get involved with ‘England does the Daily Mile’.

"Many children have just faced the most challenging year of their young lives – through Place2Be’s work supporting pupils in schools we know that some pupils have struggled with anxiety, depression, loneliness and loss in recent months. 

"As pupils and staff settle back into school routines, it’s a crucial time to focus on supporting wellbeing and building up their resilience. It’s important to get moving."

Success Stories

Pupil, St Anselms Primary (Kent)

"I want to keep fit and stay healthy. It makes me feel happy and ready for the day."

Pupil, Higher Failsworth Primary School (Oldham) 

"I love doing The Daily Mile because it gets us in the mood to do our learning.” 

Teacher, Houghton School (St Ives)

"It’s great to see the children challenging themselves and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones. Even for the less physically active children, it’s great to get out and active in some way each day."

Teacher, Arlies Primary (Tameside)

"All I can say about England Does the Daily Mile day is what an amazing fun day it was for both students and staff. It was nice to see so many smiles from the children while running or walking the mile."


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