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From city-building to storytelling - exploring innovation at Active London

What does innovation mean to you?

The chances are, if you've been working in or with the physical activity and sport industry over the past decade, you've been involved in conversations about innovation in sport.

You might have explored opportunities around open data and sport; perhaps you've looked at programme innovation; maybe you've delved into innovation in delivery.

The point is, innovation can mean a multitude of things in different contexts - which can make considered explorations of the subject a challenging proposition.

That's where Active London 2019 comes in.

Focusing on innovation in the ways we work, the event will take a kaleidoscopic view of innovation to help illustrate the different ways in which innovation approaches are already changing the ways we think about the future of physical activity and sport.

Following a morning session that will take delegates on a journey through Global Innovation, National Innovation and Local Innovation, the event's afternoon will deliver four separate workshop tracks that take an in-depth view in four areas at the cutting-edge of innovation for physical activity and sport.

Innovation in an Urban Evironment

Across two sessions, this workshop strand will encourage delegates to think about the ways that we design physical activity and sport for the modern city, and the ways that future cities might themselves be designed to boost people's physical activity levels in the future.

Presenting views on the the adaptation of traditional sports to suit modern lifestyles, the transformation of city spaces for community use and the ways that creative thinking can inspire new ways of thinking, this workshop strand offers the perfect opportunity to think about how we might collectively create a London that has physical activity at its very heart.

Community-Based Innovation

Drawing on expertise from practitioners, community leaders and projects that London Sport has supported over the past five years, the Community-Based Innovation workshop strand will explore concepts of Asset-Based Community Development, Community Co-Creation, Hyper-Local Delivery and other community-led approaches to developing physical activity initiatives.

Taking inspiration from projects where true community innovation has led to genuine outcomes, this session will provide opportunities for deliverers and commissioners to explore emerging practice in community engagement.

Insight-led Innovation

As insight practices become increasingly sophisticated in physical activity and sport, how can we best use findings to make a real difference at the grassroots?

Building on two leading London Sport innovation initiatives, this strand will explore how we can best apply cutting-edge insight to future physical activity and sport, drawing on experiences gained from the development of brand new behavioural segmentation research and digital marketing projects.

Driving Innovation Through Technology

This track will bring live and interactive panel debate to two of the biggest topics around tech innovation and sport: eSports and the power of storytelling.

Across two panel discussions featuring leading industry experts, the Driving Innovation Through Technology workshop track will seek to challenge assumptions around the fast-growing eSports industry before confronting the power of storytelling to win people over to physical activity and sport.

Taking place on 10 September 2019, tickets to Active London 2019 are on sale now, with workshop bookings available for all general registration delegates.


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