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London Sport launch new strategy LDN Moving

London Sport have published their new strategy LDN Moving today (Thursday 4 February) reaffirming their commitment to make the capital the world’s most active city.

LDN Moving, our second organisation-wide strategy, the first being released at our inception back in 2014, is a call-to-arms to improve the lives of Londoners through physical activity and sport.

The strategy outlines London Sport’s six key focuses for the coming years which are all built around the desire to support those currently unable to meet recommended levels of physical activity.

Active Lives data from Sport England shows 36.1% of Londoners do not meet the Chief Medical Officers' guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in a week.

LDN Moving also recognises the impact of covid-19 on physical activity and sport across London and the huge hit that activity levels in the capital have taken as a result.

London Sport are committed to supporting community physical activity and sport bodies combat the significant challenges to their long-term prosperity caused by the ongoing pandemic.

We will also align ourselves with Sport England’s Uniting the Movement strategy, released last week, by playing a leading role in providing the right options and opportunities for all Londoners.

The new strategy confirms how achieving our vision of making London the most active city in the world relies as much on the ways we work as the areas we will work in.

As such, we will be inclusive, collaborative, supportive and proactive in the way we execute LDN Moving alongside partners and communities throughout the capital.

London Sport's Chief Executive, Tove Okunniwa, said:

“Where our last strategy was about the building blocks for a physically active London, our new strategy is about the city’s people, its communities and its rich diversity.

“We will work with partners and communities to ensure that the future of physical activity in London is one which works for all its people.

“London is in a strong position. We have a world-leading reputation for physical activity, a thriving sporting infrastructure and a real commitment from leaders across the city to use physical activity to the full extent of its potential.

“Now is the time to capitalise on those assets and to drive forward a programme of measures that will help more Londoners to get active, stay active and create an active legacy for generations.”

Sport England's Chief Executive, Tim Hollingsworth, said: 

“London Sport’s strategy exemplifies the ambition, collaboration and adaptability our sector needs to help millions more people reap the rewards of an active life.

“Removing the barriers to activity will be a key priority of Sport England’s own new strategy for the next decade. Our experience shows that Active Partnerships can play a leading role to provide the right options and opportunities for their areas and communities.

“Before the pandemic, our nation achieved record levels of activity. Today we are confident that London Sport and their networks will work tirelessly to get that momentum back and change lives for the better in every home and in every community across our capital.”

To read our new strategy, LDN Moving, click here.


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London Sport aims to make London the most physically active city in the world. Supported by the Mayor of London and Sport England, our target is to get Londoners more physically active.

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