Love Drinks Wellness Wednesday Workshop in Collaboration with Healthy Hospo

Event date 6 February 2019 14:00 – 17:00

Location St Ethelburga's 78 Bishopsgate London EC2N 4AG

Are you thinking about Health & Wellness? Your customers certainly are, and your staff are as well. The global health & wellness industry is 3 x bigger than the liquor industry, growing faster and is now a major factor in consumer decision making across all sectors. As consumer trends change, smart hospitality players will move with them and incorporate health & wellness practices, not only into their customer offerings, but throughout their business:

  • Does your business struggle with staff turnover?
  • Are your staff performing at their peak, delivering maximum return for your business?
  • Do your staff take too many sick days?
  • Want to get on-board with the fast-growing consumer health trends

Join Love Drinks and Healthy Hospo for our first Wellness Wednesday workshop, a first of its kind workshop designed to help you incorporate health and wellness into your business using the latest thinking from global business leaders and health & wellness industry.

Over the 3-hour workshop we’ll be covering:

  • The consumer attitudes towards health
  • Business benefits of incorporating health & wellness programs
  • Implementing health & wellness programs in your workplace

Please come with a relaxed mindset and attire. Lounging, snacking and hydrating all included for a thoroughly zen afternoon. 

Get in contact with your local Love Drinks representative today or send an email to to secure your spot.


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