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Throughout the last decade the practice of deep hole drilling in the machining of large

steel parts has become extremely widespread. The technique of drilling deep holes is

a specialist one in the metal-cutting process. By deep hole drilling we mean the

production of holes whose length is equal to at least three times its diameter. This

equation can reach values from 1 to 100 and beyond. The three methods used, whilst

differing among themselves in detail, have the fundamental common characteristic of

using special drill heads especially designed to allow the removal of the chips through

the same tool and along a boring bar drilled vertically. The drilling heads are of three

different types; gun drill heads, BTA system drill heads, ejector drilling heads.


OLEOGREEN DHD 33 was designed particularly for B.T.A. system drill heads

and the LUBRA team have taken into consideration all the requirements of this

machining operation, in particular the fluidity of the product allows a large quantity of

lubri-coolant to be delivered to the cutting zone, more than any other cutting oils on

the market; subsequently the same quantity of OLEOGREEN DHD 33 supplied at

high pressure allows the chips to be evacuated through a hole located on the face of

the drilling head and then through a hole on the drilling bar, thus chips produced

during the operation are removed and do not scratch the surface of the hole, resulting

in improved surface finish of the product. Using OLEOGREEN DHD 33 can eliminate

the need to carry out subsequent finishing operations, such as polishing and lapping.

Sometimes the extreme fluidity of a product can affect its performance in ensuring

extended tool life:



OLEOGREEN DHD 33 is clear coloured integral fluid, free from chlorine or its

derivatives and mineral oils, recommended for deep hole drilling or gun drilling of

small diameters. OLEOGREEN DHD 33 contains a complex balance of additives,

with a combination of agents which resist to extremes of pressure, thus ensuring

continuity whatever the pressure loads or temperature variations encountered in the

different areas of machinery and in the different phases of production. OLEOGREEN

DHD 33 efficiently lubricates the built-up edge and the guide plates of the drill heads

whilst eliminating the heat generated in the cutting area, allowing for optimum,

vibration-free drilling operations and extended tool life.




Appearance and colour              - -                     clear amber

Density at 25°C             ASTM D 1298                kg/dm3 0,880

Viscosity at 40°C           ASTM D 445                 cSt 14

Flash point (PM)            ASTM D 93                   °C > 200


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