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"Lost?" The title of a spiritual painting depicting the world of Mas.s. A self portrait with a difference.

Portraiture is a new life stream of this originally Dutch artist. He says"I have been asked to include my various techniques in portraiture. The result is striking and I love doing it."  Colourful, vibrant and life issues are his mottos. He would describe his work as "casual precision" , "ordered chaos" and  "Essentialism", a new age in expressionism.

Having established himself in record time as a landscape and cityscape artist he is excited about this new development. 

"I love life and I love people. Is it not a privilege to study the human face and being able to express it in a colourful way?!"

More of his work can be found at Gagliardi gallery on the Kings Road in Chelsea.                           Www or at


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  • hope
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Marcel Schreur

Press contact Visual Artist 0777 232 1772

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