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'Life is beautiful' in Mayfair.

The man that came back from the edge of dementia is presenting the pioneering and ground breaking VR and Art installation in the heart of Mayfair. An astounding success at the London Art Biennale last month with 1000's of visitors and over 150 participants. 'Life is beautiful. Always', a collaborative work by Dominic Green, Daniel Bacchus, both senior lecturers at Sheffield Hallam University, and multi disciplinary artist Marcel Schreur. The work will go on show at the Farm Street Church Hall next week.

A still from the presentation at the London Art Biennale

'Life is Beautiful. Always.' is a virtual reality exploration into the unique life experience of multi-disciplinary artist, Marcel Schreur; thirty year oral cancer and seven year vascular dementia survivor. Diagnosed by specialists as a medical phenomenon, Schreur has lived most of his adulthood fighting life threatening illnesses.

Photograph: by Tommy McMahon

The work has been developed through an iterative proces of interviews, proto types and personal responses from Schreur, the work generates a space that allows participants to consider aspects of their own mental processes through a lens of difference and disability, to embody some of the physical characteristics of Schreur's condition and to facilitate communication about the experience of living with life-altering disability between sufferers, non-sufferers and medical professionals.

"Visual art and cutting edge technology can lead to a better understanding and affect positive societal, if not humanitarian, change."

The virtual reality developer behind the project and subject group leader for animation and digital media production at Sheffield Hallam University, Daniel Bacchus, said: "This exhibition is a real milestone for the Life is Beautiful project. The project started out for me as a tentative exploration into the topics I was researching for my PhD study, focusing on the concept of presence and how we may be able to access the experience of another through virtual reality.

Speaking about the exhibition, Marcel Schreur said: "This collaboration with Dominic and Daniel has been revealing on so many levels. We lived Life is Beautiful during the whole creative process. The work is about a meeting in the middle of people of all abilities, we have done just that."

VR work trailer:

Some comments on the VR work:

-'Thought provoking and ground breaking work.’
-‘I feel so lucky to have had the chance to experience something so touching. The VR really brought a completely “real” experience that would have been hard to achieve in any other way.
-‘Such an interesting change of perspective - the ability to be immersed in someone else’s head is fascinating.’
-‘Virtual Reality has found a purpose with this exhibition.’
-‘What a fantastic way to promote insight into the ways in which someone sees the world...Moving, engaging, at times alarming. A wonderful time, totally unexpected.’
-‘It really pushes the boundaries of human understanding of the experience of another. Terrifying at points and I am so glad I was able to experience it. I feel I can go forward with a new viewpoint on what people with disabilities can experience.’
-‘Incredibly powerful. The sense of fear/disorientation felt so real. I can see huge potential, this is helping to develop some understanding of the lived experience of illness/disability.’ 

Opening times:

Thursday the 27th of June from 3- 7pm

Friday the 28th of June from 12 to 7pm

Saturday the 29th of June from 12 to 7pm

An evening with the artists: Friday the 28th of June from 18.30 to 20.30 Dominic Green (Filmmaker) Daniel Bacchus (VR, multi media specialist and digital design) both senior lecturers at Sheffield Hallam University in collaboration with multi disciplinary artist Marcel Schreur will present an insightful and entertaining evening with some wine and a few nibbles.


The Church Hall,

Farm Street Church,

114, Mount Street,



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Marcel Schreur

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