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Chianciano Biennale 2015. Marcel Schreur to show "Bella Italia".

Marcel Schreur, the original Dutch artist, has been invited to the prestigious Chianciano Biennale. The Chianciano Museum of Art hosts 120 artist from over 40 countries. A multicultural art extravaganza in the heart of the Tuscany. Schreur shares his new expression in landscapes and portraiture. The renown collection , including work from Durer and Rembrandt will, for this special occasion be shown in famous and historical sites across this beautiful and ancient Spa town. Art and wellness, a perfect combination.

The biennale of Chianciano is organised  by the Chianciano Art Museum and is an opportunity to see the artworks of talented artists that are selected from all around the world. In 2013, the represented nations ranged from Chile to India, Australia to Germany and from the USA to the Philippines. The exhibition is staged over 3000 square meters of the Museum and gathers some of the best established as well as emerging international talents.

The Biennale of Chianciano is a celebration of contemporary art but also a wonderful events that takes places over the entire town that range from concerts and traditional parades to wine tasting and parties.

The dates: 5th to the 13th of September. Admission free. 

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My name is Marcel Schreur, an original Dutch artist, now working and living in London. I like to create a universe from the viewpoint of peace and tranquility. I use colour and texture in my concepts and expressions, touching upon sentiments which are important but often neglected in contemporary society. I like to intrigue the viewer. Enjoy.

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