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Supermodel Eve to attend the London Art Biennale in Chelsea.

Wednesday the 29th of March sees the start of the London Art Biennale at the Chelsea Old Town Hall. 120 artists from 40 countries will be showing their work at this prestigious and beautiful venue on the Kings Road in London. Marcel Schreur, one of the selected artists, creates largely to affect positive societal, if not humanitarian, change underpinned by his mantra: Life Is Beautiful. Always.

One of his supermodels will be shown at this prominent and elegant Victorian setting. He says: "Eve will feel at home here, I am sure. Blending in naturally with this perfect setting. Eve is one of the more sophisticated models I have created."  Marcel created the series "Supermodel" to reflect on society's detrimental perception of beauty. He say's "We have to start realising and implementing for ourselves, in every day life, that we are all supermodels, every single one of us. Two eyes, a nose and a mouth, we are all beautiful. I meet man and women every single day who have a deeply damaging low self worth and self esteem. Very painful to see and to experience. They feel they are not good enough, their inner beauty is quashed, and in time,  obliterated by external, mostly commercial, influence. To them I say:   Life is beautiful, always, and you are a supermodel. Yes you! ". 

A large, 2 meter, sculpture called "Nowhere to hide", addressing similar issues on the fragility and relativity of life will also be on show for the first time. Marcel says "One of the figures I based this sculpture on is Brian.  I had a wonderful encounter with this extreaordinary intelligent man in a carehome. He was at the forefront of computer development in the 50's and did important work in the airplane industry. I asked him, "Looking back Brian, what is your single biggest lesson in life?".  Brian did not think twice and said "I am not as clever as I thought I was". I clayed that.

What is the Biennale?

London is the global art capital and the London Art Biennale is where the contemporary art of the world is presented. The Biennale 2015 gathered artworks from approximately 40 different nations, showcasing artists who have exhibited in some of the most important museums in the world as well as emerging artists selected for their talent.

The London Art Biennale is solely dedicated to works on canvas, sculpture, drawing and digital art. The 2015 presentation attracted thousands of visitors during the exhibition and the collateral events.

The Biennale takes place on the King's Road, Chelsea, where artists such as Augustus John and Alma Tadema established what is known as the true artistic centre of London. The Chelsea Old Town Hall was designed by John Brydon in 1885, an architect who was commissioned to realise very important projects including the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Memorial Hospital, the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath and the Government Offices, Great George Street, London.

The venue offers a prominent and elegant Victorian setting with an ornate vaulted ceiling, brass chandeliers and mahogany panelled walls; a magnificent bow-fronted stage with stairs curving down to the floor, creating a warm atmosphere while the original artworks depicting historical characters associated with Chelsea provide a sense of heritage. The Chelsea Old Town Hall is the ideal setting for this celebration of contemporary art that is the London Art Biennale.

Marcel Schreur is a skill based visual artist that favours the medium of paint. He is self-taught and started out from nowhere by painting vibrant landscapes that have been labelled post-impressionist by critics. However, since then he has used his unique painting technique and use of colour to tackle portraits and more conceptual work with equal vigour, consequently breaking free from this initial ltabelling. If anything, Marcel is a pure expressionist as his extensive life experience never fails to play out on whatever canvas he chooses and heavily affect the viewer. Pigeon-holing aside, Marcel has won numerous international prizes as well as being represented by a successful London based gallery. All of this is somewhat inconsequential to an artist who creates largely to affect positive societal, if not humanitarian, change underpinned by his mantra: Life Is Beautiful, Always.

Opening Hours

29th March

Private View
6.30pm - 9.30pm

Thursday - Saturday

30th March-1st April

10am - 6pm


2nd April

10.00 - 5pm

Admission is free

RSVP at now 

for the Official Opening!

29th March, 6.30pm - 9.30pm. 

More information: 

The London Art Biennale is a museum-quality award exhibition curated by Gagliardi Art & Partners in conjunction with the Chianciano Art Museum. The exhibition is not theme based thus allowing for all artistic movements to be present. The focus is on painting, works on paper, sculpture, applied arts and digital art, professionally curated to give the viewer a stimulating yet coherent experience.

Galleries, critics and collectors will be able to see and appreciate artworks from all over the world, from Australia to the USA, from Norway to Italy with different cultures, styles, ideas and artistic expressions that represent the art world in its global entirety. The famous London galleries will all be invited to see the Biennale, which is hosted very near to their headquarters and gallery windows. The artworks will be viewed in their ideal setting to give the visitor the maximum artistic impact, following the tradition of the exhibitions presented by this organisation that values the promotion of art and culture as its most important achievement.

The London Art Biennale is a place where art is respected and the best testimonials are the previous exhibitions staged by the same team. The presentation of artwork will be carried out as is done in important museums and institutions, galleries will be able to see the works of new artists and to expand their portfolios; museum curators will be exposed to the art of the world in a setting where the artists are rigorously selected and the exhibition is staged to maximise the visual impact of each work.

The Organisers

Gagliardi Gallery, and the team has organised exhibitions in museums and institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Lord Leighton Museum in London and the Chianciano Art Museum in Italy and has nearly 40 years of experience in art promotion. The London Biennale team has recently organised an exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, which was praised by the President of Italy and inaugurated by Italian Member of Parliament, Alessandra Siragusa. The team has organised an exhibition of paintings in commemoration of the anti-mafia judges, Borsellino and Falcone, an exhibition that travelled to the Vatican, the Campidoglio and the Italian Parliament. The team organised the biggest and comprehensive exhibition of Bulgarian art in London, attended by the Bulgarian Speaker of the House and the Bulgarian Ambassador Mr. Stanchov. The Biennale of Chianciano and the Chianciano International Art Award, hosted at the Chianciano Art Museum are the most recent exhibitions presented by the organisers of the London Biennale.


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My name is Marcel Schreur. My artist name is Mas.s. I have found the creativity to express myself in painting,meriting and filming. Intrigued by contemporary society, the beauty of nature and the human race is. I love life. Life is beautiful. Always. I bleed my life on to canvas. Vibrant, colourful, positive, dynamic, freedom of movement are hallmarks of my work

Press contacts

Marcel Schreur

Press contact Visual Artist 0777 232 1772

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