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MedShr to Launch Online Global Tumor Boards

MedShr Global Tumor Board  connect cancer clinicians around the world for clinical case discussion, enabling them toshare knowledge and skills with colleagues around the world.

MedShr is free to use and makes it easy for medical professionals involved in cancer care to discuss patients' symptoms, clinical signs and investigations, and plan tests and treatment in a unique online environment. The initiative will unite doctors and specialists nurses in a series of discussion groups for all cancers with specific Tumor Boards for Breast, Lung, Prostate and Colorectal Cancer.

MedShr is fully HIPAA, GDPR and GMC compliant with over 800,000 members worldwide. It is the safest way to discuss patients and decide upon their treatment plans whilst protecting their data. Cases can be illustrated with scans and clinical images and updated as needed, for example, post-op following a lumpectomy to evaluate the need for further radiotherapy.

MedShr accommodates the busy schedules of these doctors by eliminating the need for entire teams to be in the same room. Medical professionals can also benefit and learn from cancer care discussions taking place around the world.

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About MedShr

MedShr is an app and web platform developed by doctors for doctors. It allows verified medical professionals around the world to share knowledge and learn from each other through case discussion in a GMC and HIPAA compliant private network. MedShr has over 800,000 members in 190 countries covering all clinical specialties.

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