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Introducing EnchantingMiglio - Miglio Designer Costume Jewellery


Each piece of Miglio jewellery is individually conceptualised and designed by Jenny Miller and executed by her highly talented creative team. Passion is a necessary ingredient for those who create fabulous jewels.

Fresh ideas, impressions and interpretations from the fashion capitals of the world form the basis of her inspirational designer jewellery collections.  These designs are a reflection of her individualistic style that is both fashion forward and highly expressive. Designed for women who are spontaneous, glamorous, spirited, inspiring and who live life to its fullest every single day!

Miglio Designer Jewellery first started in South Africa, and it is said that it far exceeds popularity of any other Jewellery in South Africa, it is said that one in two ladies now wear it.  Its popularity in the UK is also growing, featured on and in many magazines, with ladies from 'Loose Women' 'GMTV' and Dannii Minogue wearing Miglio. 

The 2010 Collection is brimming with stunningly wearable treasures, each one you will want to make your own.  At a time when the emphasis is on mass production, our collection has moved in the opposite direction, to provide irresistible, and limited edition pieces.  Miglio Designer Jewellery is not available on the high street, only via a consultant like myself, so why not check out my website, prices range from £14.95 upwards, and there is something captivating and inspirational for everyone.



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