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BirdSong - social media reconnaissance for brands

BirdSong unveils robust analytics for social media. Brand interaction with social media will no longer be based on the latest ‘big idea’ but on analysis of hard data. BirdSong brings accountable marketing to Twitter, putting insight back into the hands of the brand. 

Digital Tomorrow Today has announced the launch of BirdSong for Twitter, the first iteration of its social media insight platform, which provides brands and planners with robust social media data to enable them to effectively improve their social media strategy. The platform is designed to support agencies and brands in making data-driven decisions on how to get the best out of social media.

Growth in social media is one of the great givens of the digital market, yet few brands have worked out how best to use it. Marketers need data if they’re going to learn how to make social media work for them. With 29% of marketers having set up corporate social media accounts in the last year, and 35% using social marketing for over a year, the need for accountability is growing stronger. Today, little or no robust data is available about how best to use Twitter, instead skipping straight to what should be said. 

The real social media challenge for any brand, as outlined recently by Google Venture’s Bill Maris*, lies in understanding what works and what doesn’t work on Twitter. Why is the Twitter account posting only two or three tweets a day? Wouldn't more tweets attract more followers? Or would that turn people away? Shouldn't someone know the correct number of tweets to post?  Digital direct marketing expert Jamie Riddell shares Maris’s fascination with the opportunity that data analysis can provide and, having not been able to find a service that could do what he needed, he developed and launched BirdSong.

BirdSong empowers brand owners and agencies to plan more effective Twitter strategies by understanding more about their own, and   their competitor’s activity and profiles as well as identifying influential followers for potential engagement. According to co-founder Jamie Riddell, “BirdSong is the go-to place for social media planning insight. We provide data to empower you to make the right strategic decision.”

The analysis BirdSong provides is about the identification of trends, helping marketers make informed strategic decisions. Every tweet has data associated with it, which can be analysed by BirdSong, resulting in day part analysis, update types and follower insight. BirdSong can run an analysis of a twitter feed, alongside followers and following, to help understand what’s happening on an account, when and how. More importantly, it can run that analysis alongside a comparison with a competitor. From ASOS to Bollinger, whether in travel, retail, financial services or any other sector, BirdSong empowers marketers with tools to refine their strategies and analyse their presence.

BirdSong is turning the social media model from an art to a science. With full access to the Twitter API, BirdSong’s new service can help you understand when, how and who is tweeting.  BirdSong can run a report on any twitter feed with up to 1 million followers. According to Riddell, “We can provide analysis on accounts from 1 million followers+ such as Lady Gaga, but that’s more of a bespoke service.”

BirdSong has been designed to support agencies and their work with brands as well as in-house teams at brands themselves and with its credit based model, there’s no monthly commitment.  BirdSong will run on a tiered credit system of Bronze, Silver and Gold, with credits lowering in cost the more you buy. The first report is free.  An additional three credits will get you another full report – analysis of the feed, your followers and who you are following, such as klout score.  As other BirdSong analysis come onstream, any credits accumulated can be used for the new reports as well.

While other operators in the market offer aspects of BirdSong’s insights, they tend to limit their analysis to snapshots of the last couple of hundred tweets. Only BirdSong provides a complete analysis alongside an insightful graphical interface. As Jamie Riddell says, “We invested in the tool in order to ensure that it could provide the necessary insight.”

Notes for editors: 

*From ‘Google’s Creative Destruction’, Fast Company Magazine, May 2012, Issue 165

BirdSong prices

Access to premium BirdSong reports will cost credits. The principle Twitter report (Full analysis, Timeline, Follower and Following reports) will cost three credits.

Launch pricing starts at:

  • 50 credits   £ 69.99
  • 100 credits £124.99
  • 250 credits £249.99

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For more information about BirdSong or to arrange an interview with Jamie Riddell call Davina Lines on 07976 665094

Company Backgrounder:

Digital Tomorrow Today is a future looking digital consultancy. Helping brands, agencies and media owners’ future proof their marketing through consultancy, insight and training. 

Our approach is consultative and confidential. We work closely with our clients to deliver the solutions they need often within short time frames. We have also developed our own research tools under the Birdsong(DTT) name which give a unique perspective on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition our training seminars, courses and workshops are designed to keep you and your team bang up to date with all the new opportunities.

Founded by industry a veteran Jamie Riddell and Katherine Riddell (Jerman), the consultancy combines their 40 years agency experience with extensive and up to the minute research on how the digital landscape is changing and developing.



Jamie Riddell

In 1999, Jamie co-founded digital direct marketing company Cheeze, which grew to become a top 10 digital agency, featuring twice in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 Fastest Growing Technology Companies. He is a regular speaker, around the world, on the subjects of new technology and the future, Jamie has also written as Technology Editor for DMI International and Apps Editor for The Next Web. Jamie is also an advisory board member for the National Media Museum, Internet Gallery.

Katherine Riddell

In 1999, she founded digital direct marketing agency Cheeze Ltd with Jamie Riddell and over the next ten years led the growth of the company from start up to an established top ten media independent, with offices in London, Ipswich and Leeds. In 2007, she and Jamie took the decision for Cheeze Ltd to join DMG/20:20, now one of the UKs largest digital direct marketing groups. In 2010 Katherine co-founded Digital Tomorrow Today.


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