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Carrying Two Phones at Once Can be Double the Trouble - Mobile Fun Solve It in One

Here at Mobile Fun we have been hard at work, listening to problems and concerns from customers.  They reported that they were finding lugging more than one phone around with them to be double the trouble, so we’re excited to announce the Capdase KlipHolster Dual Carrying Case, a case that is specially designed to carry two phones at once.

There once was a time when hardly anyone had a mobile phone, and sighting one was an event momentous enough to write home about – which you might have had to do, since you couldn’t just pick up your own phone and send a text.  Not to mention, they were so huge you’d need an entire rucksack just to carry one!

But times change, and now it’s rare that you meet someone who doesn’t own one – or even more than one!  It’s perfectly common these days for people to have two phones about their person, perhaps one as a back-up phone in case of emergencies, or one for the office and one for at home.  But transporting them can definitely be a difficulty, however small mobiles are getting these days.  No one enjoys digging around in a bag trying to work out which oblong shape is which, especially if you’ve got a wallet, an mp3 player or an e-reader in there at the same time.  And wearing two phones on your belt at the same time, one on each hip, would look absolutely ridiculous.

That’s why we at Mobile Fun are pleased to present our solution, the Capdase KlipHolster Dual Carrying Case – it’s the ultimate Buy One Get One Free!  With separate compartments for two mobile phones (or one phone and one mp3 player) you can carry what you need in one easy-to-access package, whilst making sure your devices are kept snug and safe throughout the day.  It’s roomy enough to be compatible with almost every phone, and can be attached to your belt so that your phones are always within reach.

With the Dual Carrying Case, there’ll be no need to juggle devices from one hand to another or fumble about in your bag anymore; and as a bonus, the special lining cleans the screens as they are slid in and out of the pouch interior.  The exterior is crafted from tough and durable leather, allowing for the day’s knocks and bumps and giving the pouch a sturdy and reliable feel.

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