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Mobile Fun Dual Car Holder Lets You Mount Two Devices at Once

From Mobile Fun comes a great way to hold two devices using only one suction mount: the adjustable dual windscreen car holder.  The dual car holder is ideal for anyone who wants to mount two devices at once; for example, a phone and a satnav, or a satnav and mp3 player.

The dual car mount has two holders and two stalks, but only one suction mount, and will keep your devices safely fixed in place.  The stalks are flexible, meaning you can tilt them at the optimum angle, and the holding grips are adjustable and can be altered to fit any device.  That gives you the ultimate control over how to display your devices, and a car holder that’s truly universal.

With a twin car holder, it’s easy to follow your SatNav at the same time as taking a call through a car kit or controlling your mp3 player.  And your devices will be held firmly in place; far more desirable than having them rolling around all over your dashboard.

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