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Prop your iPad 2 in style with the Padprop

Ever since the iPad hit our shelves there's been a great debate about what the perfect accessory is for using your iPad on the go and on your lap.  GearZap belive they have found just that, the Padprop.

What makes the Padprop stand apart from other iPad 2 accessories, is that not only is it multi-functional, but it's extremely light making it perfect for use whilst travelling.  Imaginee you're on a train and you want to use your iPad but you don't want to carry a big bulky stand around with you; this is where the Padprop comes in, as it only weighs 50 grammes and is made of foam, so it's the perfect travel companion for iPad users.

The Padprop is easy to use, as it simply slides onto your iPad and it can even be used whilst your iPad 2 has a thin iPad 2 case or iPad 2 cover on.  Once the Padprop is on your iPad/iPad 2, you can choose your viewing angle simply by moving the Padprop further up or down your tablet.  This means there are a number of viewing angles to choose from so you can find a perfectly comfortable angle, whether the Padprop is being used on a table or on your lap.  

Another excellent feature of the Padprop comes in the form of a headphone storage holder, meaning your headphones will always be in reach and tidily stored away.  This is perfect for if you are in the silent carriage on a train or in a crowded room; as you can still continue your work or listen to audio without interupting others. 

The Padprop is now available at Mobile Fun's sister site GearZap costing £14.99, along with a variety of iPad 2 cases with keyboard.


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