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website survey results.

We asked, and hundreds of you answered. Through a survey which our Moray Connected team launched in November, you’ve given us an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our current website, and what you’d like to be able to do online in the future.

Now, the Moray Connected project team, which is working to make more of your council services available for you to manage online 24/7, will use this information to ask more specific questions about your wants, needs and priorities - and use these answers to make decisions on what products we develop to best suit you.

Whilst we’re pleased that you find our website easy to use, you like our search facility and the fact you have 24/7 access to information, we’ll also work on improving the three key areas you identified as issues – keeping information up-to-date, making sure our website is easy for all to use, and providing better links to information.

We’ve outlined the top findings from the survey in the infographics below, but there’s still time to have your say.

Get in touch and share your ideas on how we improve our website. Tell us what we can provide online which could make your life easier and give you more flexibility and convenience in interacting with us - this could be as a businessowner, householder, parent or guardian, or other.

Visit to find out the latest project developments and what’s coming soon.


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