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The Vodafone 543 Could be The Affordable Touchscreen Phone You Are Looking For

If you are in the market for an affordable touchscreen mobile phone, the Vodafone 543 may just be what you are looking for.

The Good:

The best thing about the Vodafone 543 would have to be its very low price-tag.

The device also comes with three spare back cases in white, red and pink, making this a very fashionable mobile phone, which makes it very popular with the younger users. The glossy case has smooth, rounded corners and a 2.8 inch resistive touchscreen with a resolution of just 240 x 320 mega pixels. The Vodafone 543 is very light, weighing on 80 grams.

There is also no contract needed with this device, it is a pay as you go mobile phone.

Although the Vodafone 543 is inexpensive, it certainly has what it takes to keep you entertained.  The unit comes with a built-in media player, an FM radio and the popular 3.5 mm headphone jack.  So you can listen to your own tunes or even record tunes from the radio.

On top, next to the audio-jack is a micro USB port that you can use for charging or syncing your unit with a PC. You even get the software that will let you sync data, video or music straight to your PC.

The Vodafone does come with a wall charger, but unfortunately, not with a USB lead.

Another good feature is that games seem to run smoothly on the Vodafone without any dragging or lagging.

Naturally, most of the navigation will be constructed on the touchscreen; however, there are a few buttons and controls. On the right side are the volume controls and the play/pause button to use with the music player. The front panel houses the button to answer and hang-up calls and also a small joystick you can use to navigate through the menu or you can push down on it to select an entry.

If you like taking snapshots of friends and family, the device also offers a 1.3 mega pixel camera which takes pretty good photos. There are even some features to help you correct your images. There is also video recording and playback.

On the home page you can manage your contacts, calendar, music and other applications. There is even an on screen Credit Indicator to help you manage your billing.

Facebook, Twitter and GTalk are also integrated into this device as well as a built-in GPS feature.

You get 480 minutes of talk time and 375 minutes of standby. There is also Bluetooth and 2GB of memory via a micro SD slot.

The Bad:

On the down side, the Vodafone does not offer 3G or Wi-Fi and does not have an accelerometer. The integrated browser is only usable with Vodafone carrier.


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The Vodafone 543 deals definitely have their good points and bad points.  It’s small and stylish and you absolutely get a lot of features for the small price-tag.  However, the unresponsive touchscreen makes texting a real hassle. So if you are looking for a pay as you go mobile phone, you may want one with a standard keypad.