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Breakthrough pricing strategy makes Premium Hearing Aids even more affordable!

Natural Hearing Limited offers a cheaper way to private digital hearing aids and puts them in reach of mainstream users. Gone are the days you have to part with thousands of pounds to get your hands on high-performance, discrete hearing aids. Natural Hearing offers ‘Custom Aftercare Packages’, which let the customer choose exactly how much aftercare, batteries and warranty they require and consequently how much money they wish to spend. This is a unique proposition, not offered by other private hearing aid dispensers. Along with a monthly payment option and the widest choice of high-performance, discrete hearing aids, Natural Hearing give you more.

Many people choose to go straight to the NHS to get their hearing aids and the main reason for this is because it’s free. However, many of these patients are often dissatisfied with the hearing aids due to their unattractive cosmetics and poor performance. Furthermore, patients choosing to go through the NHS are often waiting over 10 months before actually receiving the hearing aid! Some end up going private and spend thousands doing so.

With Natural Hearing you choose how much you spend and will usually receive your new digital hearing aid within as little as 1 week from your FREE hearing test date. Many private hearing aids offer the following advanced capabilities and are just as easy to use and maintain:

• Significantly better background noise reduction
• Smart data synchronising to allow optimal performance between two hearing aids
• Significantly lower feedback / whistling
• Hearing aid remote controls now available, providing more freedom to their users
• Voice recognition technology
• In-the-ear (ITE) and Canal hearing aid technology means you have the option to choose advanced hearing aids that are almost invisible and sit in your ear rather than outside
• Various colours and custom designs to suit your personality
• Bluetooth synchronisation technology allows the hearing aid to be wirelessly paired with devices such as your Bluetooth mobile phone, TV and other hearing aid accessories
• Unsurpassed reliability and performance. Brands include Phonak, Widex, Siemens, Starkey, Oticon, Resound and Unitron Hearing amongst others

Natural Hearing offers a FREE, no obligation hearing test carried out by fully qualified, Hearing Aid Audiologists in the comfort of your home. Evening and weekend appointments are available, seven days a week. Remember, all hearing aids offered by Natural Hearing come with a 30-day full money back guarantee. See Here for details


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Natural Hearing Limited is a hearing aid company set to make a difference. It has set itself apart from other hearing aid companies with pioneering ideas such as offering the custom aftercare package and making self-programming kits available through its sales channels. The company website has a vast amount of useful information and advice on hearing aids and can be found by clicking here Natural Hearing Website

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