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Starkey Otolens

New Launch: Starkey Otolens

Invisible Hearing Aid

Starkey are about introduce the new Otolens, a brand new completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aid that they claim is 100% invisible.

Normally CIC hearing aids are designed to fit directly into the canal.  They are considered to be the most discreet type of hearing aids available, and those who find the idea of wearing a hearing aid embarrassing or feel self conscious usually opt for this style, if it falls within their price range.

The Otolens on the other hand is designed to fit further in the canal beyond the second bend, meaning it will be completely invisible.  You might think that something this small will compromise in the technology department.  In fact the Otolens will be fitted with the Starkey Pure Wave Feedback Eliminator, considered to be among one of the industry’s leading feedback manager systems.  The Otoelens will also have the added functionality to be remotely programmed via a touch tone mobile phone, allowing volume and programme changes.  This technology is adapted from the recently introduced IQ technology

The fitting range of these new hearing aids is hearing loss from mild to moderately severe hearing loss..

More information will surface as we get closer to the UK launch towards the end of June early July but one thing is for sure, this may be the ideal solution for consumers who value the concept of keeping your hearing loss private for cosmetic reasons.


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