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Marketing Messages Can Now Be Delivered By Using QR Codes

Smart Poster is known to offer latest tools and technology platforms to companies and brands to help them achieve their marketing objectives. The latest technology of QR codes combined with NFC technology will enable them to deliver ad, marketing messages, coupons, sale information, and other promotional offers directly in the mobiles of their clients. It is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to achieve marketing objectives. In addition to this, customers using smart phones can also point and scan QR codes or can connect to the marketing organization at any location by using NFC technology in order to get required information. It is the fastest way to connect to anyone. Without putting in much effort, consumers can instantly connect to mobile content or the real-time web.

The companies can use the innovative QR technology combined with NFC technology for better connections with their customers. These are extremely powerful tools with an ability to connect the digital world with the real world. As information or marketing messages can be delivered instantly directly to mobile devices, the technology will soon reach all corners of the globe. A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a specific two-dimensional matrix barcode that can be read by camera telephones and barcode readers. The information may include text, URL, or any other informational data. The technology has already been in use in the countries like Japan, South Korea, and the Netherlands, whereas its adoption is still slower in Western countries.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. The technology allows transfer of information through sharing and pairing of different devices. This can also be used to send QR codes to Smartphone users so that they can get to know about your latest deals, offers, and promotions. If you need to send marketing messages at very low cost, this is certainly the best option available on the market. NFC Smart Posters also allows you to make transactions by pairing the devices. Sharing data and information has never been easier.

 QR codes Smart Poster can be scanned by customers who are using smart phones. They can also connect to the marketing organization via NFC technology to receive required information. The latest technology can bring a revolution in the way companies conduct their marketing campaigns. They can now be faster and more efficient and directly connect to their customers. If marketing cost is a major concern, this is the best technology as it is very cost-effective. The adoption of this particular technology will surely bring down your total expenses for creating awareness among the customers and informing them about your latest launches, promotions, and deals.

Smart Posters offers the latest NFC/QR Code technology platform to initiate effective and quick communication with NFC technology. QR codes can be scanned and marketing information received using this technology.


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Embrace New Media Marketing and untap the tremendous potential of  QR codes. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and keep your business fresh and engaging then adding QR Codes to your marketing mix could be the ideal solution.