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Lightning Link Antibody Labeling Kits Enhanced with New Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit

Cambridge, England (May XX, 2010) – Novus Biologicals is excited to announce the release of a new Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit, for use with Lightning Link Antibody Labeling Kits.  This new kit allows researchers to use any antibody, regardless of the buffer or concentration, with Lightning Link Kits.  Antibodies are sometimes only available at low concentrations and often contain low molecular weight substances that interfere in labeling reactions with enzymes, biotin, streptavidin and fluorophores.  The Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit allows for the quick and easy concentration of antibodies and proteins. The Kit can also be used to reduce the concentration of many unwanted additives often found in antibody formulations such as azide, glycine or tris.

The method used in the Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit is a simple spin column, which easily and quickly removes excess buffer from the antibody thereby providing a more concentrated antibody solution.  The Kit also allows the experimenter to perform a simple buffer exchange to transfer the antibody into a more favorable conjugation buffer in order to optimize the use of Lightning Link Antibody Labeling Kits.

For more information, view the Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit datasheet.  This Kit is available in two sizes.  It includes one or three spin cartridge/collecting tube assembles and one bottle of conjugation buffer (catalog numbers 861-0005 and 861-0010, respectively).   Novus Biologicals provides over 40 different Lightning Link Conjugation Kits which allow researchers to conjugate antibodies and proteins to various enzymes, fluorophores, and more.  Browse the available Antibody Labeling Kits on the Lightning Link webpage and use the Conjugate Filter on the left to find the label that you need.

To find out more about Novus Biologicals and their antibody database,visit their website at or call +44 (0)1223 426001.



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