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Bigappliances lives up to its name with range cookers and American fridge freezers

Purfleet, Essex, (Mynewsdesk) Mar 31 2010 – There’s something truly awesome about American fridge freezers.  American fridge freezers encapsulate all that’s best about the Big Country:  giant sizes, ostentation overload and luxury as standard.  Like a Detroit gas guzzler, American fridge freezers are big, square and utterly lacking in finesse – which (as, were there such a person as the Jeremy Clarkson of kitchen appliances, the Jeremy Clarkson of kitchen appliances would tell you) is precisely the point.  People don’t buy American fridge freezers for their dinky little design features:  people buy American fridge freezers because they’ve got quadruple the space a European fridge freezer gives you, they’re brilliant for family living, and they all come with taps in the doors that dispense chilled water. 

The problem, until now, has been where to get hold of one.  American fridge freezers (and their cookware counterparts, range cookers) were notoriously hard to find in the UK – until Essex-based white goods vendor Big Appliances launched its wonderful new site –  The shiny new Big Appliances web store is packed with outstanding American fridge freezers:  all the big makes – LG; Whirlpool; Maytag; and Neff – are present and the price tags, given the size of the things, are surprisingly conservative.

The biggest surprise, though, to anyone who hasn’t seen American fridge freezers in the flesh, so to speak, is the amount of clever extra storage these big beasts give.  American fridge freezers (sometimes referred to as “side by side” fridge freezers) work by putting the freezer compartment on one side and the fridge on the other, with both accessed via full height doors that swing out from the middle.  The result of which is to maximise double storage space in both compartments:  the freezer, as well as the fridge, has door storage as well as tray storage. 

So far, so brilliant – but, as we’ve mentioned above, until now very hard to get hold of.  So a big vote of thanks to the clever folk at Big Appliances, who’ve cornered the UK market in American fridge freezers and range cookers – offering free mainland UK delivery, no less:  which, for a fridge freezer the size of a small truck, is a big old saving. 

Let’s not forget that range of range cookers, either – another luxury kitchen appliance traditionally impossible to source in the UK, finally given a decent home.  Like their American fridge freezers, Big Appliances’ stock of range cookers represents a cross-section of the best brands, sizes and prices:  Falcon; Britannia; Belling; Smeg; Baumatic; and Caple.  All Big Appliances range cookers are fully searchable by brand; fuel type; colour (got to match that decor); and, most importantly, width – proof that the site is as well designed as the appliances it sells.  Big Appliances are clearly looking to the future here:  they might well have grabbed the UK market share in range cookers and American fridge freezers, but they’re obviously not prepared to sit on their laurels now they have it.  By making their site as big in functionality as their products are in girth, Big Appliances have ensured that American customer service is imported with every unit – and we all know that the Yanks do customer service better than anyone else on earth.  Big Appliances are looking to do American imports in the same way.  


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About Big Appliances:

Big Appliances is an Essex based domestic appliances retailer specializing in Range cookers and American fridge freezers, provide competitive prices through its only platform and its Hornchurch shop. It also provides a wholesale arm of its brand supplying over 100 independent retailers.


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