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How we present the EuroPride programme

Oslo Pride unveils how the EuroPride program will be presented.

“Many events are already listed, so now we are ready to show online how the various events will be presented,” says chairman of Oslo Pride, Stein Runar Østigaard. Oslo Pride is this years host of EuroPride 2014, the pride festival held from the 20th of June to the 29th of June in Oslo, Norway.

In this year's programme view, there are several improvements compared to how it has been presented previous years. In the online EuroPride 2014 programme you can sort the event list by many different categories; free, party, politics, sports and so on. Also, you can sort by date

“It is now easy to find out which events are free. People can also sort by categories like debate, party, shows, sports and a host of others, and thus identify the events that each individual is interested in,” says Østigaard .

New this year is also the built-in map feature, which makes it easy to identify the various events around the city of Oslo.

An improvement
Owner of Oslo Pride and organizer of Pride House, LLH Oslo and Akershus (the lgbt organization in Oslo), says this year's programme display on the web is an improvement.

“Oslo Pride (and EuroPride) shall be a festival focusing on both the party and politics, where the main events should be presented in an equal fashion. This year’s programme view illustrates how diverse the festival is. And when the Pride House programme, the most political section of the festival will be ready, the political message of it will be even stronger,” promises Hans Heen Sikkeland, the elected leader of the lhbt organization in Oslo.

A celebration
“The EuroPride programme is based on Oslo Prides large main events; Pride House, Pride Park and EuroPride parade, which all has free admission. But EuroPride is bigger than that. The festival will be a pride celebration that the entire city of Oslo invites to,” concludes Østigaard .

Oslo Pride now asks anyone who hosts a party, a debate or workshop *, a reception, an art exhibit or other events in connection with EuroPride in Oslo, to enter it to the programme. By submitting your event via the website, it will be considered for entry in the main programme (*does not apply to the Pride House programme, whose deadline expired on 27th of March.)

Check out the events already listed in the EuroPride 2014 programme

Are you an event organizer? Submit your event to the programme.


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Hans Heen Sikkeland

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