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​Direct cremations to double in the next five years

With soaring funeral costs and changing attitudes, 1 in 5 people in the UK will choose direct cremation instead of a traditional funeral in the next five years says a leading industry expert.

Direct cremation is a simple dignified cremation - but without the pomp and ceremony of a funeral service. A cheaper fuss-free alternative, direct cremation appeals to those looking to save money but, more frequently, families wanting to avoid the upset and worry of a service at a church or crematorium.

Ashley Shepherd MD and founder of later life planning specialists, Over50choices and pioneer of UK's first prepaid direct cremation comparison service explains:“Families are turning to direct cremation for a number of reasons, embracing the idea of separating the cremation process from the ceremony, leaving them free to say goodbye in a way that suits them - be it a drink down the local pub or a perhaps a family gathering when scattering the ashes.

“Those on tighter budgets see it as more affordable option. You can purchase a prepaid direct cremation plan that will guarantee to freeze all of your costs at today's prices from as little as £1,600 whereas a traditional prepaid plan costs between £3,300 to £4,300 - so there are considerable savings to be made.

Andwith UK funeral costs currently averaging £4,078 it's not surprising to see why they are increasing in popularity. In fact, in the US, direct cremations accounted for 37% of all cremations in 2016.

“Whatever the reason, the demand for direct cremation is growing and accounting for 1 in 10 cremations in the UK. The death of rock star David Bowie and writer Anita Brookner in 2016 – two celebrities who chose a direct cremation - highlighted this as an option and,over the last few years’ we have seen a noticeable amount of interest in prepaid direct cremation plans.

“Figures showed that in 2017, 10% of cremation funerals held did not include a ceremony or service. We expect that by 2023, 20% of all cremations will be direct cremations.”

Mr. Shepherd adds that with the government recently announcing a review of how traditional funeral plans are sold and clarity of information provided, consumers are now becoming more mindful when purchasing, which can only be a good thing.

As with buying a more traditional funeral plan, there are subtle differences between direct cremation plans currently on the market that could mean your family has more to pay when the time comes. Therefore it is important to understand exactly what services you are getting for your money – which is why we believed it was important to launch our new direct cremation comparison service.

He goes on to say: "When it comes to funeral planning, we now offer visitors to our website a complete choice, whether that's down to affordability or personal preference.

“Attitudes to funerals are definitely changing with an increasing number of people opting out of the traditional route, instead selecting the services that best reflect how they want to be remembered; which is why direct cremation and the flexibility and freedom it offers appeals”.

Over50choices is the first company to offer a comparison of traditional and direct cremation prepaid plans to meet the needs of our changing cultural lifestyles. Please visit: for more information.


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