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Oxford Open Neuroscience joins OUP’s flagship Oxford Open journal series

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Oxford Open Neuroscience joins OUP’s flagship Oxford Open journal series

Oxford University Press is delighted to announce the launch of the sixth title in the Oxford Open series, Oxford Open Neuroscience.

Oxford Open Neuroscience will publish rigorous and broad interest papers and research into the nervous system in both health and disease, encompassing basic, translational, and clinical research. Interdisciplinary work and technology advancement are also welcomed. The journal publishes scientific research of the highest quality, rigour and significance, as well as reviews, commentaries and debates. In addition to original research, Oxford Open Neuroscience welcomes theoretical, technical and methodological papers within any field of neuroscience.

With its broad scope, the journal aims to represent the whole neuroscience community, with a focus on diversity in all aspects of leadership, decision making, and authorship. As such, Oxford Open Neuroscience is run by a representative group of subject specialists, rather than a single Editor-in-Chief, meaning that decisions regarding policy, strategy, and development include the views and perspectives of a broad range of scientists in our community.

Rhiannon Meaden, Senior Publisher in OUP's Open Access team, said, ‘Oxford Open Neuroscience offers a researcher-focused, innovative, and experimental publishing solution for authors. The journal has been designed to meet the needs of this diverse author community, and incorporates for example double-blind peer review to reduce bias, editor summaries for every paper, an innovative ‘no-revisions’ option for authors looking for a rapid ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ decision and a straightforward and simple submission process with no reformatting required prior to submission’.

Oxford Open Neuroscience is now open for submissions. Find out more about the series on the Oxford Open page.

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